Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday Links

Some quick links this morning; it's Tuesday which is the day I have to be at school a little early for duty.

American Spectator had two articles that caught my eye this morning, one I've read and one I've printed to take with me. This one, "From Citizens to Stakeholders: The New American Constitution" by Angelo Codevilla, will go with me. The other one, Valerie Jarrett's Show, I've read. It depresses me; the anti-Americanism so rampant in this administration is just depressing. Read it anyway.

The Weekly Standard points to this new magazine, which I'll be checking out today as well.

Finally, Victor Davis Hanson has this in The National Review, and asks, what happened to the old Barack Obama?

Have a nice Tuesday and I'll check in after school!

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bandit said...

I disagree with your comment about anti-Americanism as I don't believe that's their motivation. This is their environment - the academic/diversity racket has patronage power now and this is how they are going to use it. In much of academia blatant discrimination is accepted and is about as controversial as picking up the afternoon mail and any objection is considered somewhere between a mental disability and blatant racism.