Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Our Liberals Can Beat Your Liberals"

Lamest quote of the day? That would be from Brian Walsh, NRSC communications director. When asked about the Jeb Bush endorsement of Marco Rubio in the Florida Senate race and Jeb's criticism of the early NRSC coming out for Crist, Walsh said, "the NRSC believes Governor Crist is the best candidate to maintain the checks and balances needed in the Senate."

Seriously? The best candidate to maintain the checks and balances in the Senate? He said it. I wasn't looking at him when he said it, but I'm guessing he said that with a straight face.

Larry Thornberry at American Spectator responds this way:

It's truly hard to see how a politician like Crist, who has supported Obama's stimulus package, who's enthusiastic about cap and trade and other costly enviro-disasters, and who's as silent as the tomb about conservative social issues, could in any way be a check on the Obama socialist agenda. He's more of an enabler. This is probably why a friend of Rubio's told me he had come up with a great slogan for Crist's campaign: "Send Charlie to Washington -- he'll fit right in."

The NRSC believes that Crist can get elected. Never mind what he stands for. Never mind the issues! We don't care about no stinkin' issues! He can get elected! Well, so could Mickey Mouse, probably, but that doesn't mean we want him in the Senate. Crist may have an R after his name, which is what matters to Cornyn, but he's no conservative. And Rubio is beating the stuffing out Crist in straw polls all over the state.

Ruby Slippers refers to this Crist endorsement of Obama back in February when Crist spoke up for and defended Obama's leadership skills. Bah. If Crist calls incessant speech making and campaigning leadership, then okay. Otherwise, I'm not convinced and surely wouldn't have been back in February.

No, Crist is about as liberal as they come and can still put an R behind his name. He shows some gall even doing that, given his record of support for Obama and his agenda. Thornberry contends that the NRSC jumped the gun and erred in supporting Crist so early but says that if all that is required to run is an R behind your name, then he'd like to send you a bumper sticker: "Our liberals can beat your liberals."

Well said.

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