Sunday, September 6, 2009

How Did Women Ever Have Periods Before the iPhone?

Is there any ground the iPhone has left uncharted? Not only will it tell you when it's safe to go to the restroom during the movies, now it will keep up with the female menstrual cycle.

How did we ever survive before this?

I guess for women negotiating fertility issues it could be useful. I guess.


BrideOfRove said...

DH says that's for the guys because "women lie". *eye roll* I wish.

Steve said...

Is this going to be the new excuse. Instead of saying, "I have a headache," the girl will just hold up her I-phone.

Damn modern technology!

Red said...

You can track mother nature's monthly prize at for free. Once you go through a couple of cycles it uses a logarithm to predict your next cycle and when you ovulate. Handy for those not on the pill or for those wanting to go forth and multiply and be fruitful. Plus the doc's always asking,"when was the first day of your last monthly bonanza", to which I'm always forgetting. It's always a guess. I mean who keeps track of that stuff. I've got enough cr@p to contend with.