Saturday, September 19, 2009

Full Metal Jacket Saturday - The Rain Edition

Today is the Rain Edition of the FMJRA because, well, we haven't seen the sun here in well over a week. Not a peep of it. Nothing but heavy, gray, leaking clouds for days on end. The whole world is starting to grow a green fungus. The ground, even the concrete, squishes when you walk. Nobody goes anywhere without an umbrella. A lawnmower hasn't been fired up around here in two weeks. The weatherman is saying that the rain might move on out to the east later today, and we shall be hopeful for that, but how often is he right, really?

On to the soggy links.

Jimmie Bise has some great stuff up this week, but my favorite was his post about Michelle's trip to the farmer's market. I had seen mention of that here and there but couldn't make myself read about it. I'm glad I read about it at Jimmie's place! He's also got a comment or two about Bertha Lewis.

The sad thing about Doug's People of Wal Mart post is that any single one of us could have done this one. All you need is a camera and a Wal Mart. There are truly alternate life forms there. I've seen all of these people, and worse, at my Wal Mart.

Reaganite Republican Resistance has a great post on Obama's shelving of the missile shield. Wyblog comments as well.

Pundette, despite her headline, is NOT feeling particularly empowered by Michelle's speech on women and health care. She's got some facts to back up her position, something the media didn't bother to do.

Althouse wasn't impressed with Michelle's speech, either.

Everyone was having fun with Obama and the light saber picture this week, including Fishersville Mike, Pundette, and Critical Narrative who saw this moment coming ages ago!

Carol at No Sheeples Here! has a nice summary of the meltdown of Little Green Footballs and his attacks on Stacy McCain and the rest of the blogosphere. I've been on the sidelines in this particular episode because I never read Little Green Footballs in the first place and don't have any idea who Charles Johnson is or what he does. The first I heard of the "war" was at William Jacobson's place, when he spoke up in defense of Stacy. When I saw the vile, nasty things that Johnson posted about McCain, and the South, I was offended and was glad I never read Johnson's blog. Never have and never will. Here is Robert Stacy McCain on the matter.

Caught Him With a Corndog is supporting McCain in the LGF/TOM episode!

Donald Douglas has the full page ad from Fox News - I like it! Liberty Belle, in a related post, comments on the sad state of the media and, frankly, doesn't see much hope.

Our education system is going to hell and Troglopundit is right on it, as is The Daley Gator!

Carolyn Tackett is not happy with her Representative, and is letting her know it!

Left Coast Rebel weighs in on the amnesty angle to health care, as does Ruby Slippers.

Monique Stuart visited The White House blog, and it was in Spanish. She's not impressed.

And finally, I'm asking any of you who feel so inclined to say a prayer for my friend Sandy and her family. They're in some dark, tough days right now. Prayer helps!

I'm going to spend the rest of my day trying to stay dry and hoping for some sun. I'm still sort of under the weather (so to speak) and will lounge about and rest some. Steve and I are going out for steaks tonight and that'll probably make me all better. Nothing like a big, rare prime rib to get me back on my feet!


Red said...

Thanks for the shout out ;-) You've been 'totally linked' for today's FMJRA ;-).

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Can ya send some of that moisture out to the desert? It's 99 today.

Donald Douglas said...

Thanks for the link, Pat!!

sheryl said...

not to be bragging about weather because we'll be buried in ice and snow in a few months...but...we had the coolest july on record. it was gorgeous! it rain every now and then all summer to the point we only watered our container plants and never had to water our flower beds or garden. it was perfect!

i heard on the radio a few days ago, we are having one of the warmest septembers on record. it's been in the upper 70's to low 80's for weeks. perfect weather.

Sandy said...

Wow! Thanks for the shout I know why I had visitors pop over from your blog today. Prayers are very welcomed! Thank you.