Monday, October 19, 2009

The Baucus Bill is Now Really A Bill

Are you ready to read? Here's all 1502 pages of the Baucus Bill. In PDF.

Someone put on a pot of coffee, would ya?


Catmoves said...

Darn. And me without a PDF reader. (I have a problem with space grabbing, bells and whistles Adobe. Like, stay off my computer.)
Lemme see, our Congress people are supposed to read this, absorb it, solve the problems and questions involved and make an intelligent decision on whether to cast my and your vote for it? Oh, and to solve the dilemma if they get to keep their jobs at the next election.
In how many days?
Oh, har de har har. Guffaw, chortle, giggle, titter and ROFLMAO.

yukio ngaby said...

The Baucus Bill is irrelevant. It's being merged/torn apart with the Senate HELP Committee Bill and the result will be the bill to read.

And maybe they'll release it before they vote on it...

Laxin4him said...

Did a search "by the Secretary" and am still pouring through all the power given to the Secretary of Health and Human Services. As defined, as established. Talk about being broad.