Thursday, October 15, 2009

Venting - Part II

Today is Friday for me - we are off school tomorrow for Fall Break. I might stay up past 9:30 tonight. Woot!

My blogging has been light over the past couple of days because I've been busy at work (research paper season) and at home (best friend's dad died) and just generally distracted. It's rained ten inches here in one week and I'm starting to grow webs between my toes. The weather guy promises it's going to dry out and be cooler over the next few days. We will see.

Meanwhile, I'm perusing my blogroll and Memeorandum and all hell is broken loose. I'm thinking, "Gee, I really need to get a blog post up or folks will quit dropping in!" and the next moment I'm thinking, "Holy crap, where to begin!?!"

I mean, Meghan McCain is flaunting her huge boobs and throwing a Twitter fit; Stacy McCain has already laid claim to the Meghan McCain boobs bomb, and that's not the half of it. I'm trying to get my head around Libya releasing 88 known terrorists with Al Qaeda ties. Obamacare continues to fester - Nancy Pelosi swears she has votes for a public option. She lies.

Speaking of terrorists, the House defeated Republican efforts to stop Gitmo detainees from coming to America; they were cleared today to come here for trial.

Meanwhile, Glenn Beck is getting all teary and emotional on tv again as he talks about the crap weasels in the current administration, specifically today, Anita Dunn, who Beck has on video claiming Chairman Mao as one of her go-to influential people in times of trouble. WTF? Of course, now, she says she was just kidding. Right.

More and more I am starting to feel like I need to take Bride's advice and stock up on canned goods, pay off all my bills, fill the tanks with gasoline, and go underground. Armageddon is coming. It's all gloom and doom on this front.

Bah. All this and Rush Limbaugh can't even join a group trying to buy an NFL team? Michael Vick is good enough for the NFL but Rush isn't? Give me a f**king break!!!!! Enough! Color me done with the NFL. Call it a business decision if you must, because that's all letting Michael Vick back in was about. $$$$$$$$. Rush's $$$$$$$ isn't good enough.

I'm so sick of everyone calling everyone else racist. I'm so glad Obama has united us and this is all behind us, because I haven't heard so much racial division in this country in my whole life.

Meanwhile, I'm building a bunker. I've got to call Mark Levin and get his advice.



Donna B. said...

Yeah, I'm in that same disgusted/depressed/demoralized state often these days. Unlike you, I don't vent so well.

wv = refool: You can fool me once, but you can't refool me.

Bob Belvedere said...

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