Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mary Landrieu Speaks to Protesters

Via The Dead Pelican, here is Mary Landrieu at her town hall in Lafayette, Louisiana yesterday. She went outside before the meeting, grabbed a bullhorn and, much to her credit, spoke for about ten minutes with protesters, even taking some questions. I don't agree with Landrieu most of the time, but props to her for doing this and not hiding inside or running from speaking to her constituents like many have done.

She says in this video that she "generally" doesn't support a public option and "generally" doesn't support a trigger. (All those "generally"'s bother me a bit...). She says she is definitely NOT for reconciliation and will not vote for that. She will support cloture - she says if they have 60 votes then that's a good thing. She also says that she supports Medicare Advantage and supports versions of the bill that keep it in. She is for more choice and private market reform.

Part I:

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AuntPittypat said...

But if she will vote for cloture, then the vote is done under reconciliation . . . I mean, it won't be her fault (ahem) if she doesn't support reconciliation but they have the 50 votes without here, will it?

Argh. Keep calling, people! :)

david7134 said...

I noted the video on her web site about discrimination against women as they are charged a higher premium than men when younger. Somehow she didn't notice the reverse when they get older. She is a nut job.