Thursday, October 8, 2009

Starting the Day Under a Cloud

This is the most depressing thing I've read since, well, yesterday. Why does it continue to shock and depress me that the left wants to ruin this country?

The voices on the right, of conservatism, and of the majority of Americans could not be more clear - we don't want Obamacare. Yet Harry Reid and company are intent on jamming it upon us no matter what.

Despite the CBO analysis, which Professor Jacobson points out, is not even in legislative language yet and therefore can't really be properly scored, there are plenty of other reasons to hate this legislation. Foremost in my mind is that it is simply going to lead to inferior care. Every plan on the table so far reduces the level of care you currently receive. The Baucus plan will lead to long waits and deferred care - rationing.

The justification for all this just isn't there. The left screams about all those that are uninsured but many of them choose to be.

The arguments have all been made and I can't make them more forcefully now than I could in the months I've been writing about it. And by the looks of this Foundry post, there's no point anyway. It's a done deal.

So now I have to take my disgust and disillusion out on those lame, weak, bottom feeding members of Congress from both Houses and reject almost all of them. There are no Republican leaders there fighting hard enough for me. Oh, the occasional weak, wishy-washy patsy will amble up to a microphone and give some little self-righteous speech about how this is a travesty but he's not doing much else about it.

In 2010 we need to clean house and get some real leaders in there, if there are any to be found, and take this country back. It's going to take years to undo the damage that's been done already and if Obamacare passes, we're screwed.

Damn, that's a gloomy way to start the day. So sorry.


AuntPittypat said...

I share your disillusionment, Pat. The people who support this have no idea of the different mechanisms of control over them that have been written into all of these bills.

It's unbelievable that so many are fine with the government having access to their bank accounts in order to automatically deduct premium payments. Don't they realize the government will take what is owed them before these people can pay their mortgage, rent, electric bills, or to put groceries on the table?

Doesn't anyone care about having medical records open to prying eyes of government workers?

I double once enacted this will ever have a chance to be repealed. I agree with you to get rid of all incumbents in 2010. At least the new people won't be completely owned by corporations -- at least for their first 2 years.

lady di said...

I beg to differ. The people that this ObamaCare is to help do not have Bank Accounts, they will be coming after YOURS!

Lynn said...

I am not just disillusioned but am down right sick.

Perhaps, I am naive; but I disagree that something done but not implemented cannot be reversed. This plan will pass, no doubt, but possibly with a drastic change in our representation in DC, the bill can be repealed. I consider it a cop out that once passed there is no going back.