Monday, October 26, 2009

No Thanks, Newt

Newt says he will run for President (presumably as a Republican!) in 2012 if the citizenry demands it of him or if he "and his wife, Callista, assess the field of candidates in 2011 and feel 'a requirement as citizens that we run.'"

Let me put your mind to rest, Newt. Thanks, but no.

No thanks. Uh uh. We'll catch this one, you can move on.

Maybe you and Dede Scozzafava can write a book or something.


Lynn said...

When he appeared with Pelosi as well as previous betrayals to conservatism, there is no way in *$$# I'd vote for him.

G.R. said...

Remember him sucking up to Hilary on several occasions?

david7134 said...

Newt = McCain

Donna B. said...

Newt = disaster.

Though I don't think McCain would have. With McCain we would not have had the stimulus or healthcare threats we're getting today.

Be careful when rejecting the good because we don't have the perfect.

Right now I'm favoring Liz Cheney for 2012. That could change, of course.