Saturday, October 17, 2009

Protest at University of New Orleans

Via The Dead Pelican, we have this video taken October 15, 2009 when Obama visited the University of New Orleans campus. I have mixed thoughts about it but I couldn't stop watching it, even though it's longer than I usually post.

To be honest, and I may get criticism for this, I'm not sure the video puts either group in a great light. I get what their point is - free speech is being challenged. But some of these people are being, in my opinion, deliberately controversial and don't do much to help our cause against the radical policies of the left.

I think there's a way to get this done without getting a megaphone and getting in the face of the police. Even though it's her right to do it, I'm not sure it's the best way. Should we all just be mute sheep and "go behind the fence"? No, I'm not saying that either. But being the loudest is not always the best strategy.

Just my opinion.

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lady di said...

I have to beg to differ. That young woman stood her ground until she was arrested for trespassing. Good for her for the courage and conviction to show up and state the facts of the money being spent by this administration. I too was pushed back off an American college at a town hall meeting when I attempted to stand with a sign. I did not see any of that news and thanks for the video.