Saturday, October 31, 2009

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around: The Halloween Edition

It's been a hectic morning around here; I got up to do my FMJRA: Halloween Edition post, settle in with some Mello Joy coffee, and log on...whammo! Pop-up city. I've picked up a tacky trojan on my desktop. So, I'm running one scan after another, regular mode, safe mode, the whole nine yards - and this takes lots of time - and decide to check up on the world through my iPhone. Thank goodness for my iNews app on my iPhone because that's how I checked Stacy's blog in my reader and found out that Dede is packing up her toys and going home.

So, I dug out my slower-than-Christmas-I-hate-Vista laptop and here I am. Let's get on with the links. I've got Halloween to celebrate and Hoffman news to catch up with!

First this week is of course Stacy whose sitemeter is probably crashing servers right now with his breaking the Scozzafava story. Stacy's been on this one since the beginning and is on scene now still posting updates.

In the Halloween spirit is Ann Althouse who is shopping for costumes!

Sister Toldjah has comments and updates on the Hoffman/Owens race; Another Black Conservative is also keeping up with the updates. Wyblog weighs in, noting the power of the conservative blogosphere. Plus, the story is exploding all over Memeorandum.

Donald Douglas has some observations on the Ayn Rand influence and notes a review by Adam Kirsch on Anne Heller's new book, Ayn Rand and the World She Made (over in my sidebar).

The Daley Gator is in Halloween mode with Edgar Allan Poe! Go Gator!

Gateway Pundit has a preview of Rush Limbaugh's appearance on Fox News Sunday.

Left Coast Rebel is paying some Rule 5 homage to Mary Katharine Ham.

Fisherville Mike has THE BEST pumpkin design!

Celebrating Halloween even on vacation is Troglopundit. Best picture award.

Best cartoon award goes to Ruby Slippers!

I'm in agreement with Professor Jacobson on Obama and the Dover pictures.

Talk about scary, Doug Ross has a post on the SEIU and Obamacare/socialized medicine.

Be sure to read Emptysuit's post on Obama's rewards to his top fundraisers. This isn't a new practice, but Obama is going above and beyond.

Carol has done a fabulous job this week supporting Project Valour.

Pundette takes a look at the creating/saving jobs data. Scary!

Snaggletoothie is wondering if illegals will be counted in the census.

Okay, I had to read it out loud before I got it, but this is funny!

Honesty in Motion has a funny but NSFW video.

Speaking of funny, don't miss Sarah's account of The Great Cat Chase!

Grandpa John has been digging in the graveyard. Well, sort of.

Bride has been kind of quiet lately, and I've missed her, but she's back with this post which is spot on.

So. This has taken me four times longer than usual to do because of this slower-than-Christmas-I-hate-Vista laptop. Hit the tip jar or something. Drop some candy in there; it's Halloween, after all! Meanwhile, enjoy some song and dance.

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