Friday, November 26, 2010

Are You Out Shopping?

It's Black Friday:  are you shopping?

I'm not.  I've long been an internet shopper for the most part.  I hate crowds, I hate crowded parking lots, and I especially hate the way people drive during the holiday season.  I'm much happier in the comfort of my own house on days like today!

Look at these people lined up outside of Target last night in Shreveport!

That said, though, I'm watching the Black Friday coverage with the curiosity of one who watches a train wreck.  I sort of understand why people like to get out there and do it; for some, it gets them in the Christmas spirit.  Some like the challenge of a "good deal" (are they REALLY that good?).  I saw one guy on the local news last night who was camped out in front of Best Buy in the rain, in a tent, and said he loved Black Friday so much that he'd probably come camp out even if he wasn't going to buy anything.  Now that's taking it a little too far, I think.

So, tell me.  Are you shopping today?  Have you gotten any REALLY great deals? 


Andy said...


Well, actually I did have to go to Super One to get my wife some Mucinex.

We don't give Christmas gifts, because we are stingy Scrooges that hate Christmas. ;)

Lynn said...

I've never, ever done a "Black Friday." Lines and crowds are not worth the prices to me. :D

MikeAT said...

I was up at midnight.....on my computer...and I had to wake up Beth @ 100....

Didn't really save much but I got over half my shopping done....starts coming in Monday...

I have a friend who was there at the opening but only for a few things..he can get in/out in 20 minutes..

sheryl said...

when josh was 2, we went to maryville to see kenny, who was going to nwms at the time. on the way home, we stopped at walmart in bethany. the store was jammed. it was the day after thanksgiving before the term "black friday." anyway santa was in walmart and we took josh to see him...or i mean her. (santa was a lady.) little josh who was only 2 asked us why santa was a girl. remember that steve? that's my only black friday experience. i stay home!!! yesterday i baby-sat while lauren went shopping. i had a wonderful time!