Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cyber Monday Shopping

Seventeen percent of Americans are planning to do their shopping online this year on Cyber Monday.  Just in time for your Cyber Monday shopping, I've set up (finally) my Amazon shop

It's heavy on books, of course, and all of the books in my Amazon shop are books I've read and actually recommend or books I'm currently reading (and still recommend). 

I've included some favorite DVDs, household things, a Christmas section, and in honor of my beloved Checkers, a Boston Terrier section.  There's a link to the shop on the sidebar.

Pop on over and peruse the goodies, and by all means, get your Christmas shopping done and help this little blogger at the same time! 


Charlene said...

Cute lamp! It looks similar to one that won the "Ugly Lamp Contest" at the Kentucky State Fair in a recent year.

Red said...

It must be Italian: "Fra'geelay".