Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Post Election Presser

The shorter version of Obama's hour long post-election press conference is that he thinks he's already been trying to compromise with Republicans, that getting ObamaCare passed was messy but the ends justify the means, and that he's going to continue to pursue Cap and Trade, either with official legislation or without it.  The whole problem and the reason he got smacked last night is because the economy sucks and that's Bush's fault.  Americans just don't understand.

There were way too many car and ditch metaphors and talk of a Slurpee Summit but in the end, he just doesn't understand what Americans are so angry about.

He complained about being "in a bubble" and out of touch in the White House and vows to get out more.  Some golf, maybe.  Or a $200 million a day trip to India (when a teleconference would suffice.)

I don't see any change on his part on the horizon.

(Photo Credit: AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)


The Oracle said...

The narcissistic bastard doesn't get it. He never will.

Charlene said...

If he does get out and play golf perhaps he can get a game with GW. He took plenty of opportunities on the links while the country was being terrorized. As to the trip to India, didn't GW take a world fairwell tour just before the end of his second term?

G. R. said...

Charlene said, "didn't GW take a world fairwell tour just before the end of his second term?"

Hip Hip Hooray! If a world trip for president means farewell, Please let Obama HAVE AT IT!

Hutch said...

He will get it if he values his political future. What pisses me off are these idiots like Charlene that still think the problem was George Bush so I am going to explain this to you morons ONE TIME SO PAY ATTENTION

GWB's whole presidency was dictated by the events of 9/11 and at the time he had the support of 90% of the people in the nation. Maybe the next plane will just crash into Charlene's house and we won't have to listen to her stupid a-- anymore

Pat Austin said...

Civility in discourse, people. Don't be rude. We can disagree without being insulting. ;)

Laurence L. said...

Well, anybody who lists "Kill Bill" flicks in her favorite movies can't be all bad, after all.

"Millions taste but few know flavor."

Calliope Street said...

My favorite Obamboism of the hour: "The American people want us to mix and match ideas." You know, a little Dialectical Materialism here, a little Metrosexualism voila!