Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Future

Over the past 24 hours I've talked to several people who have just now heard Marco Rubio's name for the first time.  "Who is this Marco Rubio?"  "Have you heard of Mark Rubio?"

I sort of love the fact that so many people don't yet know about this glittering shimmer of hope for the future incubating down there in Florida.  But they will.  Soon, everyone will know who he is.

I got teased a little bit last night on the Live Blog Stream at Jacobson's place because I said "I think I love him!"  But good grief:  how can a RED blooded conservative girl not love this guy? 

Rubio is the future of the Republican party.  God willing. 


Beth said...

I think he is! I have been nothing but impressed with this man ever since he won the primary. He's unabashedly Conservative and knows how to explain his positions clearly and without the flowery rhetoric we get from the rest of the Political class. Between Senator-Elect Rubio and Governor Cristy, it's nice to see straight talking Conservatives (and in the Governor's case a Conservative/Libertarian, IMO)on the national stage. I pray that this trend continues, that more men and women like them, step onto the scene...this country needs them most desperatly.


Hutch said...

Reel in the lust are too old
for him

E Clapton said...

Maybe you should start promoting this


The Vegas Art Guy said...

The dude rawks, I don't blame you a bit. But please no leg tingles, I don't think I could deal with that.

mnrobot said...

Ha! Spread the love Pat. :)
Marco seems to be a great guy with a genuine love for people and America. I hope he doesn't get too disillusioned in that den of thieves.