Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stacy Hits 5,000,000!

Congratulations to Stacy & Smitty who hit 5,000,000 today! 

It couldn't happen to a nice couple of guys! 

Meanwhile, I'm still working toward the 200,000 mark.  Yeah.  Some days are like that.

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Andy said...

200,000 is pretty impressive, Pat. Seriously.

I can honestly say that I have probably hit your blog at least 100 times since I came across it. I have you in my Reader, and only visit when there is a new post...and I don't always actually hit the blog unless I want to comment, or read comments from others (I just read the post in the Reader).

But, those roughly 100 visits to your place are roughly 100 more than to Stacy & Smitty's blog. I've never visited it, because I know what's there already. Blogs like yours often bring the "different," and that's what I enjoy reading.