Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas Open House at Second Hand Rose

We're back from our afternoon at Second Hand Rose!  I found this stack of "paper" on the third floor, just spilling out of a pile of boxes.  When Milly buys estates sometimes it includes "paper" and you never know what kind of treasures you'll find.  She was showing Steve a calendar today from 1944;  Steve was pointing to specific dates marveling at the history from that year.  Milly also had a scrapbook of antique valentines that was awesome.  I wanted to sit down and rifle through these letters, bills and scraps, but didn't have the energy.

I didn't take a lot of pictures today because I'm still feeling sort of punk from this head cold.  I just didn't have the energy today to do much but aimlessly wander the shop and play with the dogs.  Today was the Christmas Open House and several of the stores downtown were open.  They had some sort of game thing going on where if you visited each participating store and collect a game piece from all of them, you're entered into some sort of drawing for fabulous prizes.  Milly's was one of those stores.

Milly had lots of new stuff.  Steve and I both liked these crates:

Don't have a clue what we'd do with them, but they were neat.

How about an armadillo to sit on your bookshelf?

This armadillo is sitting on a neat Hoosier cabinet with one of those built in flour sifters up top and a metal lined bin at the bottom.  Steve really liked the cabinet, but again, no room for it!

Milly, Debbie, and the dogs were all decked out for Christmas:

Milly sang several Christmas carols for us and again, I wish I'd had more energy or I'd have done a video, but I'm sure she'll give me another chance!

This is cute, and I could use it right about now:

So what did we come home with today?  Well, Steve bought "Give Me a Penny" because he makes us laugh.  He also bought me a cute tiger pin from the '60s.  And he bought a cute clothespin baby doll for me that's wrapped in an old antique quilt.

I bought The Story of Cuba for a price that convinced Steve it must be hollowed out and filled with diamonds.

And you know me...I always have my eye on something for next time:

It's prettier than it looks here; it's sterling and has sparkly crystals in the legs and neck.  I love it.

I'm sure we'll make another trip over before Christmas; I'll get video next time!  Meanwhile, I'm going to get under the covers, finish my Laura Bush book and nurse this cold. 

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Red said...

Love to hear of your excursions to Millie's place. Old papers and the lot are right up my alley. I have a Hoosier cabinet btw. It's a Sears brand from the 1940s from their Harmony House collection.