Friday, November 19, 2010

Eric Holder Must Go

Two excellent pieces calling for the firing of Eric Holder:  one from the Wall Street Journal and one over at Hot Air.

In short:

The right policy is to separate the laws of war from the laws of civilian society. Burglars and muggers should be tried in civilian courts. Unlawful enemy combatants captured on the battlefield deserve to be held in Guantanamo and tried in military commissions. And if Mr. Holder can't tell the difference, he should find a new job.


Of course, the New York Times thinks Holder did a fine job, a fine job!  Way to go, Eric!

The verdict in the first federal trial of a former Guantánamo detainee has unleashed the usual chest-thumping and fear-mongering from the usual politicians. They are disappointed that the defendant was only convicted of one count of conspiring to blow up American Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998 — a crime for which he will probably serve a life sentence. 



G. R. said...

I"m going to end this argument by using liberal logic: RACIST!

Chris M. said...

I wonder if there is any chance of Holder leaving without a lot of embarrassing hearings by the new congress. We already know that all of his detractors will be painted as racists by the left and the media establishment. And this will go on in front of a chorus of constant accusations of the right as divisive and uninterested in bipartisanship (which has never been honestly offered by the left).

Red said...

You know I'm with the journal on this one. Eric Holder needs to go! We need to dump everyone in high offices that support the dumbing down and political correctness of our country. Holder is a bigoted dolt.