Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Oven is Lit

I've lit the oven.

The holiday cooking frenzy begins.  Today I'm making the cornbread for the dressing (no box dressing for me!), the cranberry/raspberry salad, and the pecan pie.  This evening, if I'm still so inspired, I'll chop the candied fruit for my annual fruitcake cookies because they really need to be marinating in good bourbon right about now.

Tomorrow I'll get the turkey in the brine and let it get going.  I'll get the dressing assembled and ready for the broth which I'll add Thursday morning.  I'll also boil the sweet potatoes (no canned potatoes for me!) and get the sweet potato casserole assembled.

Thursday, while the turkey roasts, I'll put together the asparagus casserole (yeah, I'm using canned asparagus) and the green bean casserole (canned, again).

After Thanksgiving, the holiday cooking frenzy begins.  The old Chambers range will probably be lit until Christmas. 

Here's my annual Home for the Holidays clip - the perfect Thanksgiving movie.  It always cracks me up.

Update:  Mmmmmmmmm - Pundette has added to my baking list.  Cranberry bread!  Perfect for keeping the starving hoards away from the pecan pie while dinner cooks!


Hutch said...

sounds good..I hear I am invited to come eat and watch the Cowboys beat the Saints??????????

Quite Rightly said...

I started yesterday with the apple/carrot cake and the pumpkin cookies. Onward!

Have a great feast!