Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hey La La La, Hey La La La!

I know probably nobody really watches videos embedded in blogs because, well, blogs are sort of quick hits, you know?  And you don't really visit blogs to watch music videos.  But, sometimes when life gets toooooo busy and too heavy and things feel like they're crashing in music makes it better.

I know Dave Matthews is a huge lib, but I'm willing to over look it.  He hooks me on this one about 2:10 but at 2:43 into this one, my heart soars and I'm flying with Dave the rest of the way.

Hey la la la, hey la la la!  Makes me want to roll down the windows and sing LOUD!

It's on my iPod.


Charlene said...

Go right on and do that; roll down your windows, plug in the iPod, turn the volume up LOUD! As a liberal I don't see anything political in that. SMILE

hutch said...

The first person that ever turned me on to Dave Matthews was Melissa in 1996

Red said...

Sometimes a good song is all you need.