Monday, November 22, 2010

Bobby Jindal Sounds Off on TSA Groping

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal spoke out against the TSA screenings in an interview on Meet the Press yesterday:

I think that the American people are worried when they see an administration worried about reading Miranda rights to the underwear bomber. They worry when they see an administration committed to civilian trials. They wonder, "You're so worried about the rights of the terrorists , what about the rights of the innocent American traveler ?" So, absolutely, I'm concerned that out of political correctness , they're screening people they don't really believe to be dangerous.
Jindal makes a valid point with regard to political correctness; we've gone far amok there.  Jindal does not suggest we go to profiling but does suggest we use "the information we know," the intel we already have such as travel patterns, how the ticket was purchased, is it a one way ticket, etc.

Jindal makes the case that this administration needs to accept the fact that the war on terror is culture clash against an enemy who simply hates our way of life; they are not misunderstood, disadvantaged individuals who are seeking us out, but well financed, educated extremists who hate us and are willing to sacrifice their lives to kill us.

Additonally, Jindal insists he is not running in 2012 but does leave the door open for a VP invitation. 

In Louisiana, not everyone believes this.  Jarvis DeBerry writes:

If Jindal really has the job he wants, it's fair to ask why he hasn't exhibited more passion for solving Louisiana's problems. Could it be that solving this state's problems in a sensible way would make him less attractive as a Republican presidential nominee?

Jindal has been under fire here at home for his cuts to higher education and his extensive travels across the country as he attends fundraisers for GOP candidates and now promotes his new book.

C. B. Forgotston, a Louisiana blogger, attorney, political pundit and former Chief Counsel for the Appropriations Committee of the Louisiana House of Representatives, has long been nipping at Jindal's heels. Forgotston has been one of Jindal's most vocal critics on the issue of transparency in government, or lack of it.

Jindal is now under fire for his questionable appointments to fill three offices in Creola, a village in central Louisiana who recently recalled three of its elected officials.

All this to say, of course, that while some on the national scene see Jindal as one of the rising stars of the Republican party, there are plenty in Louisiana who see him differently.  That said, Jindal is correct in his assessment of the TSA screenings and the Obami approach to the war on terror.

One of the points George W. Bush makes in his memoir, Decision Points, is that on 9/11 as he was insisting on returning to the White House, he did not want the terrorists to have that small victory of seeing him scurrying to new locations whenever a new threat arose.  He didn't want to be manipulated. 

With these new TSA screenings, the terrorists have certainly achieved another victory as American citizens are being groped and humiliated in airports across the country.  It's incumbent on us to utilize better methods available to us than invasive searches or full body scanners.  The bomb sensing scanners were a flop but the technology exists and could be adapted.

I think in the end that Jindal is correct on one point.  We need to use common sense along with the intel we have.  Luck isn't a strategy and we need to get over the excessive political correctness.

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SPN Headlines said...

Hi Pat!

The new TSA Program to Examine Random Voyagers (PERV) has lured Tiger Woods for airport screener duties - SHOCKING details at:

Peace! :-)

MikeAT said...


You should enjoy the Saturday Night live stuff on the PERV at

G. R. said...

Since the TSA has started these extensive and intrusive pat down searches, police are reporting a drop in busts at massage parlors.

Chris M. said...

A year ago Jindal was just too lousy a speaker for the endurance of the press corps. This year boring has turned beautiful.

Ben Latten said...

At this point I am about half way through Decision Points. I look at the attitude of so many Americans at this time and I can ASSURE you that complacency and stupidity WILL allow another 9/11 to occur in some form or fashion......what in the world makes you people think that anybody that has been linked to Al-qaeda has any rights at all? I say

waterboard the bastards, find out what they know, then execute them by chopping off their heads with a sword on the White House lawn....
and that may sound a bit extreme to all of you bleeding heart liberal morons out there but, as you always do, you will shift with the wind the next time someone you love dies because of a plane hijacking or an anthrax letter they received. AND IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN