Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Senator Marco Rubio!


Anonymous said...

At least voters have enough sense these days to correct the mistakes they made a couple of years before but this will be an ongoing process. Two years from now Obama and all the rest of the multiple term candidates have got to go. As a voter you cannot be willing to accept people of low character like David Vitter, regardless of party. (You blew that one Louisiana but after all you are Louisiana, so we forgive you)
Remember that these people work for you and when they do a lousy job fire them.
Phase one is complete.

G. R. said...

Anonymous @ 7:29,

Would you have rather us elect Meloncon?
If there were a test question about Meloncon it would read.
Charlie Meloncon is a:
a. One of Pelosi's lap dogs
b. Star struck Obama worshiper.
c. Harry Reid's kiss ass.
d. All of the above

No, we have nothing to apologize for here in Louisiana. If we had elected Meloncon then we would have.