Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shhh! Reading.

I've been quiet the past couple of days because I'm busy reading.  I'm trying to finish Laura Bush's book before George's book hits my mailbox this week. 

There's something about the onset of cooler weather that makes me long to just curl up on the couch with a dog next to me and read a book.   I always have a stack of books waiting to be read and always feel "behind."  I think I have an unhealthy compulsion when it comes to buying books.  I pass as many along to others as I can, although there are some that I just want to keep and re-read. 

As far as Laura's book, I'm really enjoying it.  She has a lovely, easy style in her prose and I've been sort of surprised at the very personal, and not always flattering, things she reveals. 

She writes of her ailing father and how it just never crossed their minds to have him brought to the inauguration when George was sworn in as the governor of Texas.  Her mother was there, but they thought it would be too difficult to bring her father, who by then needed an aide and a wheelchair.  Mrs. Bush writes that at one point during the ceremony she looked into the crowd and saw an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair sitting there and you can feel the pain and remorse at her neglect to make the extra effort to have her father there. 

It's been an absorbing read so far and if you haven't read it, I'd recommend it. 

Otherwise, it's been a quiet weekend.  We went to The Vintage last night for our steak dinner and felt like total rubes when we opened the heavy menus to discover they light up.  Steve was looking around the dark room trying to figure out how he was going to read the menu, I was fishing in my purse for my little flashlight and voila!  He opened his menu and it lit up.  Country comes to town.

I heard from a couple of my Bama friends over the weekend; our friend Ray called me from Massachusetts with a hearty "Roooollllll Tide!" before the game.  I got back to him after the game, "Heh, heh, heh!"  Good times.

All in all, a nice weekend and a busy week to come.  Don't forget Veteran's Day this week.  Did you read today's Beetle Baily comic strip?

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