Thursday, November 4, 2010

Will He Compromise?

There are a couple of interesting reviews of Obama's post-election speech out today.

The first comes from Victor Davis Hanson:

In clingers fashion, he once more is talking down to us, explaining that we confused his necessary solutions with a bogeyman increase in big government, and so typically, in fright and ignorance, lashed out at his party. He is claiming the outrage grew from the same frustration that elected him, rather than arising precisely because of him and his agenda. In short, we are angry because his EU-socialist agenda is progressing too slowly and hasn’t delivered as promised — as it will in time. Perhaps then we will thank him for his proper big-government, big-spending solution.

Obama had a truly befuddled and confused look on his face which is understandable given the fact the he truly doesn't understand why he took the "shellacking" that he did.  He can't get his narcissistic head around the fact that it was his policies that were rejected Tuesday night and his agenda.  The public was not rejecting George W. Bush Tuesday; they did that already.  They were rejecting ObamaCare, the stimulus, and the anti-business policies of this administration.

George Neumayr, writing for American Spectator, has a similar take:

Obama couldn't bring himself to admit the obvious, that his liberalism leaves the American people unafraid of alternatives, so instead we got the usual self-serving nonsense about how the American people like the content of liberalism but just resist it in times of distress when Democrats fall down at salesmanship and implementation. In one answer, he even had the audacity to suggest that the American people were too dumb to realize that his bailout-style socialism was only temporary and not a permanent policy. Where could they have possibly gotten that idea?
One other thing that I noted was Obama's nice little story about the tree farmer who asked him if civility in discourse is now dead and Obama  lamented the fact as well.  Yet just 48 hours before Obama himself had called Republicans "the enemy" who needed to "sit in the back" of the bus.  Obama said the time to re-legislate and look back has passed yet four minutes later he was blaming Bush again for his troubles.  

Everything has an expiration date.  Obama might have been reflective and might have promised to "compromise" but I don't expect him to stick with that.  This is the man that also said he'd rather have one strong, good term as president than two mediocre ones.  

I hope I'm wrong; I hope he comes to the center as others who've been "shellacked" before him have done, and try to work to enact the will of the American people, but I'd be surprised. 


Reaganite Republican said...

NO way will he compromise, and the offer's not there anyway- we're not in the mood for that.

Obama's a true believer- he's in denial, and likely plans to flat out oppose the GOP and get away with any diktat he can through czars and decrees to foward his agenda.

He will veto all GOP plans that don't help him get re-elected... in other words, he might go for the tax cuts. But true compromise and bipartisan legislation ala Bill Clinton is not likely with this commie, imho

Charlene said...

Some of the predicted vetos will help him get elected. The reason we do not have a single payer health care plan in effect now is because our President Barack Obama listened to those totally bought and paid for legislators who are controlled by the health insurance companies.

yukio ngaby said...

Obama is very unlikely to change. Shelby Steele had an interesting opinion piece in the WSJ ( I think Steele's right to a large degree-- Obama is a product of '60s counterculture and a see himslef as redeemer. A redeemer doesn't compromise.

@ Charlene

*snicker* Yup. 58%+ of the people want ObamaCare repealed because it didn't go far enough and they didn't listen to "The Won" on the Daily Show explain how it's all a framework for further "reform." That's also why so many anti-ObamaCare candidates won-- because people WANT single-payer SO BAD... LOL.

BoR said...

He is going to double down, dig in and do it using czars and new Executive Office entities. Obama is completely unphased by this election.

Chris M. said...

As long as he believes his own press he has not chance of figuring out what is actually happening.

joetote said...

I fully do not expect him to change and furthermore, I feel his idea of compromise is to play nice in public and force his Anti-American agenda down our throats via Presidential fiats, etc.

for the record on my part. So called compromise with this Socialist in the Oval Office is completely out of the question. He is in my estimation a traitor to his country whose only aim is to deliver us to his hard left handlers. I don't say this lightly and it's not a joke! The right must continue to fight and stand up for everything that made this country what it is. As entrenched politicians on the right are also part of the problem, they must respect the people!