Saturday, November 13, 2010

Turkey Legs, Camera Cards, and The Highland Jazz Festival

The Highland Jazz and Blues Festival was today and there I was, head cold and all, right out there in it!  The skies were gray and the wind was cold, but we toughed it out and it was worth it.

What really sucks, though, is that I lost my memory card for my camera.  I discovered this last night, so I went right out to Best Buy today to get a new one so I could record parts of the festival today.  Naturally, of course, I get out there and my camera "can't read" the card.  I fussed with it for a while, totally missing the entire 25 minute set of Robin and the Bluebirds, before I called Steve and had him pick up my back-up card before meeting me there.

The back-up card was too small; that is to say that 10 pictures and one video and the thing was full and even then the video just converted to sound only.  SUCKS!

So I have no great evidence or things to share with you from the Highland Jazz Festival today except this shot of turkey legs.

The video I shot was GREAT:  it was David Egan, who was fabulous, and he called Miki Honeycutt up from the audience to do "Sing it One More Time Like That."  It was great. Great!  I don't have it.  But, there were lots of other folks filming, so I'll watch YouTube and see if something shows up.

Beyond all that camera drama, the day was still fun.  Steve and I had a great time looking at all the dogs that were there.  We saw a German Short hair Pointer named "Bird", several Labs, several Pits, big BIG dogs, little dogs, and everything in between. 

What is so fun about the Highland Jazz and Blues Festival is people watching.  Old people, young people, kids, hippies, ex-hippies, artsy people, business people, black, white, hispanic, asian people, and everyone knows each other.  Old friends meet and hug, people you haven't seen in thirty years, new friends, kids with hula hoops and chicks dancing alone.  Every kind of person you can imagine is there and is having a good time.

Of course I thought about Rocque.  He wasn't there last year, but the year before I took this picture of him and we sat together after running into each other there.  I stood in the same spot where we had been and said a little prayer and offered a little toast to him.  He was there.  He was, I suspect, really enjoying David Egan, who was just great!

You know, I realize the logistics would be a nightmare, but I would love to see a reunion band at The Highland Festival.  I mean, get Buddy Flett, Miki Honeycutt, and the usual suspects, but pull in some surprises like Hassell Teekell, Michael Coker, Dennis Zimmerman, Michael Grady, some of the old Southpaw folks....the possibilities abound.  But I promise you, people would turn out to see it.

So, tomorrow we're off to Milly Rose's Christmas Open House.  I was hoping to video her singing something tomorrow but I'll have to figure out this camera card deal first.  Drat.  Meanwhile, I'm going to fix some hot toddy something or other and knock the chill off.  The FMJRA will be delayed until tomorrow.


Phil said...

I added your blog to my bloglist. I had previously linked to your blog.

Hutch said...

This event seems to get better each year....the highlights, in my opinion, were Buddy Fletts whole set and Danny Wilder's great Carlos Santana "Soul Sacrifice" impersonation..I have always heard Danny was great but this was the first time I have seen him..I am with Pat on a reunion would think with the Flett brothers, Egan and Honeycutt all in the park a mini "A Train" reunion set could have been thrown together..maybe next year..
meanwhile, the event of the year around here will be Dec 11th at the Riverfront Warehouse when Danny Johnson returns to town for the first time in I don't no how long..this will be a GREAT EVENT