Sunday, August 21, 2011

Adventures With Mom on a Sunday Night

My mom fell last week and banged herself up pretty good.  As is usually the case with things like that, most of the aches and pains didn't show up until later.

All week long she's been wrestling through pain and relying on her CNA to help her to and from the bathroom, fix meals, and other personal needs.  Over the past couple of days it's just been too much and she's gotten tired of being miserable.   She's been asking to go back to The Glen.

To get into The Glen you have to either get on a waiting list or be discharged from a hospital stay into their facility.  It's not easy.

Mom called me today at 9:00 and told me to come as soon as I can because she was afraid to be alone.  Me and the CNA showed up about the same time and mom was just miserable.  Like, crying miserable.  Her arm hurt, her tailbone hurt, and she can't walk without help (including her walker).  She asked to go to the hospital.

So this afternoon Steve and I load her up into the car, drive her to Willis Knighton Pierremont, and into the ER.  She can't walk so they come out with a wheelchair and get her. 

We get the paperwork done fairly quickly and get back into a room.  Over the next three hours they do a CAT scan of her head, a urinalysis, and check her blood pressure.  The doctor finally comes in after three hours and says there is no medical reason to keep her and they send us home.

Really?  An 87 year old woman who weighs 85 pounds, with no feeling in her hands and feet, can't walk, can't roll over without help, in pain, and there is no medical reason to keep her overnight.

They sent her home. 



Tina said...

Oh Pat what a miserable situation. Bless her heart (and yours). Will sure keep her in my prayers, I hope they'll suddenly have an opening for her at The Glen.

Randy-g said...

I will ask God to send a special blessing your way.

Ed said...

Your mom's business is entirely her business and nobody elses, certainly not mine. Does that picture show a lit cigarette in her hand?

Bride Of Rove said...

Getting old sucks. For the most part, anyway. I would get her a loaner cat or dog - docile - to give her something to care about. It sounds like she really needs church or friends to keep her active. Don't blame the hospital. Kicking her out probably saved her life. Hospital in August? Death trap.

Bride Of Rove said...

Oh and my husbands grandmother smoked until she was 90. She died at 91 ... Probably because she quit smoking.

Chuck Monson said...

I am so sorry. My heart goes out to you and your Mom

Anonymous said...

There are safer and cleaner hospitals than WK Pierremont in this town and why choose a hospital that doesn't have a chapel.

Sara Thome said...

I have been thinking about your mom. I hope she recovers quickly! I hope to see you in Iowa sometime! Just don't come up here after Dec. BRRRRR!!!!