Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to Pass the Drought

We had a record high of 109 today and everywhere you go people are fussing about the heat.  In truth, a lot of people are just staying home, inside, and still until this broiling weather breaks.  Grass is long dead and small trees and shrubs are not far behind.   Lakes in Texas are drying up altogether!

So what can you do?  Not much, but one Dallas blog offers the Drought Drunk Game:

How to play Drought Drunk
Here's the general concept:

At any point in your day, if you hear people talking about the weather, you drink. You hear someone say, "Ugh! I'm soooo sweaty!" Drink.
More suggestions:

"It's 106! When's it gonna rain???" Drink twice.
(Once for the current temperature update, once for the bitching about lack of rain.)

Lawn or plant updates.
"I just can't water enough." Drink.

The rest is here.

I'd suggest trying this game with water, though.  It'll keep you from getting heatstroke and if you try it with alcohol you'd be over the legal limit in no time at all.

(H/T:  Carolyn)


Steve said...

I'll go get a large supply of COLD Sam Adams Octoberfest and sit on the couch next to you and complain about how hot it is.

MikeAT said...

In Texas right now it could cause blood alcohol poisoning :<)

Andy said...

Pat, I would love to play along. Sadly, all the weather talk I hear is at work.