Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rick Perry is In and Ames Tallies Poll Results

It's a huge day in the political world today between Rick Perry's announcement and the Iowa straw poll.  As of this writing, the votes in Ames are being tabulated and are expected in about an hour or so.  Stacy McCain is doing the best live coverage he can in a place where his bandwidth sucks. 

There is much debate about the timing of Rick Perry's announcement.  Iowans are peeved that he's stealing their day.  Huckabee just explained to Brett Baier that Perry's timing is unfortunate in that all the A-list reporters are in Iowa and he is relegated to B-reporters. 

I don't think that's going to matter in the end.  We've got a long way to go.

The Obama campaign pretends to be unconcerned about Perry.  We'll see how much by the level of their attacks in coming days.

Intrade has Perry as the nominee at 33.7% right now, higher than Bachmann or Romney.  Wonder what the odds are of a Perry-Rubio ticket?

Expect updates as the straw poll results come in.


LL said...

A Perry-Rubio Ticket

or a Perry-Ryan Ticket?

Personally I'd look forward to the Ryan-Biden debates and would roast/pop extra popcorn for the event.

Though I expect that BHO will pick another VP for 2012.

Tina said...

YAY!!!! We got 2 1/2" of rain today and Governor Perry announced! My oh my what a wonderful day! I can't stop smiling! :-)

Sarah said...

I don't think it matters where/when he announced. Perry is not my favorite, but I would be comfortable with him being our nom. He and Bachmann are the only two who I can stomach at this point (who actually have a chance).

And I called a Perry/Rubio ticket weeks ago. ;-)

I think Sarah Palin is the only person who could change that, but who knows what she's doing.