Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Obama's Vacation Reading List

Matthew Continetti, over at The Weekly Standard, is wondering what book Obama might take to Martha's Vineyard this summer.

I'm not sure how fast a reader Obama is; is he a one book a year kind of guy or is he a voracious reader like his predecessor?  

I can make some suggestions.

He might try After America by Mark Steyn.  I'm reading it now and can't get past page 35 because I stop every so often to exclaim loudly:  "Brilliant!  This is brilliant!!!"

Obama might also consider The Coming Collapse of the American Republic by veteran and former state senator Robert A. Hall as a companion to Steyn's book.

I hear Dick Cheney has a new memoir coming out:  In My Time; I bet Obama could get an advance copy.

If he's looking for a bargain, Obama might pick up a copy of Michelle Malkin's Culture of Corruption.  It's out in paperback now and he might learn something about those folks working for him.

Just my suggestions.

You have any ideas?


MikeAT said...

Reckless Endangerment by Gretchen Morgenson and Joshua Rosner....he might he an idea on why the housing market collapsed and he might conceive that if someone has too much of a house and nothing invested they can simply walk out.

Calliope Street said...

Mein Kampf, to brush up on his game.

lady di said...

Ya, After Shock! just read it, it is truth not fiction!

Quite Rightly said...

Those are all good suggestions, but it occurs to me he'll probably be reading Fifty Places to Play Golf Before You Die and figuring out how he can get somebody else to pay for those trips.

Reaganite Republican said...

Linked at RR-


Bob Belvedere said...

Mark Steyn's book is a must read. I'm one hundred and twenty seven pages into it and I've already got at least three dozen Post-It tabs marking passages I want to remember.

It's a triumph of Common Sense and Right Reason.

If Little Lord Hemorrhoid ever read it, his head would explode.