Tuesday, August 23, 2011

By The Numbers

Via Hot Air, PPP has a very interesting poll coming up:

11:34 (CT): Our national GOP poll, out tomorrow, is better for Perry even than the Iowa one. Double digit lead.
11:36: Nationally, if it came down to a 2 person race: Perry 52, Romney 36. Mitt needs to try to wrap it up before it gets to that point.
11:40: More evidence Bachmann has maxed out support- down 9 to Romney, 30 to Perry in national heads to heads.

And this is certainly interesting:

And Gallup, down to 39%.  Tsk, tsk.


Meanwhile, the weather is lovely out on the Vineyard. 


Kartman said...

Tweet from Paul Azinger pro golfer.
"In the last month Obama has played more golf than I have and I have created more jobs than he has."

Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney needs to "stay the course". I still think he will be the Republican candidate because Perry is going to eventually say some things that will be considered so "extreme" that he will start sinking like a rock in the polls. Anyway, I predict that Obama will likely be reelected regardless of who the Republican candidate is. All he has to do is continue saying that all the problems with the economy are "George Bush's fault" and enough voters will believe this (a recent poll showed this to be the case).