Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Raccoon Drama

Here I am all ready to surf today's news when Steve comes in and tells me about an Animal Control truck across the street..."with CAGES!"

We have neighborhood raccoons so this scares me a little.  The raccoons are quite domesticated and eat cat food off our porches.  I can't count how many evenings Steve and I sit outside with two of our neighbors across the street just talking and watching the neighborhood and those raccoons will come out and walk right up to us.  We've had many a laugh watching the raccoons.

One night our neighbor Julie had a pizza box sitting there and a raccoon walked right on up to the box expecting his slice.

We enjoy watching them.  They're cute.  I know the whole "they may have RABIES!" thing.  I get it.  Someone apparently called animal control.  We know who it was.

So I called our neighbor Nancy who promptly goes outside and confronts the Animal Control guy.  He explained that he isn't going to euthanize them and that if he catches our neighborhood charity cat, Peter, he'll let him go.  The raccoons will be relocated.

My money is on the raccoons.  If you've got Iams cat food and a bowl of water on a porch, why would you go into a stupid trap?

Raccoon Drama.


Steve Burri said...

We've had 'em come in and steal my wife's cigarettes.

Anonymous said...

I started not to put out food for the little Raccoons tonight but ive fed them every night for over a year & these are 4 babies from the original Mom & Dad so they are so precious to me and the neighbors. With exception of the new neighbors responsible for this cage mess. I did put out some yummies for them but it is still in their bowls and im concerned. These little darlins cause us no harm and are free but gentle not to touch but will come up close and just stand up and look at you....im going to miss them so much.