Friday, August 12, 2011

Memorial Service for Chief Petty Officer Robert Reeves (UPDATED)

A large crowd is expected for the funeral tomorrow of Navy SEAL Robert James Reeves at St. Marks Cathedral.  Via KTBS:

Streets adjacent to St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral in Shreveport will be closed to traffic before, during and after Saturday's memorial service for Navy SEAL Robert James Reeves, who was killed in Afghanistan.The memorial service begins at 11 a.m. St. Mark's is located at Fairfield Avenue and Kings Highway and streets around it will be closed from 9:30 a.m. to approximately 1 p.m. to accommodate people going to the cathedral.

Many streets around the church will be closed, and closed early, so if you're going, make plans accordingly.

The Patriot Guard will be there:

The PGR has been asked to stand a flag line before and after the memorial service honoring Chief Petty Officer Robert Reeves. The family will honor the wish of Chief Petty Officer Reeves and give him an at-sea burial, so this is the only service currently planned in Shreveport.
The streets around the church will be closed starting at 8:30 AM with only those attending the service allowed inside the blocked off area. Motorcycle parking will be along the street in front of the church on the Fairfield Ave side of the building. A PGR staging area will be located nearby.  
The students from Evangel placed 2200 flags along the outside of the cathedral.

At SIGIS, I've been wrestling with this.  I'll  be in the flag line.  I'm not going to muscle into the service because I think people that knew him or his family should have priority.  I'll be there to honor him and his service in the flag line.

SIGIS honors the service of all the SEALs in that tragic mission and I ask that wherever you are, you take a moment tomorrow to remember them as we in Shreveport take time to honor Chief Petty Officer Reeves.

AddedThe Times Photo Gallery of the service today.

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