Friday, August 26, 2011


I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.  It's been a busy week and I've been bogged down.  It's always this way when school starts:  my body is still on summer-time and has to take a couple of weeks to adjust.  And it takes longer the older I get.  I've also been running back and forth to my mom's who is still recovering from her little tumble a couple of weeks ago.  We're getting there.

I'm still reading Mark Steyn's After America, but when I realized I was so tired I was reading the same paragraph over and over, I put it down for a few days.  I don't want to miss a word so I'll pick it back up this weekend. 

I am simultaneously reading Rick Perry's Fed Up.  So far, it's entertaining, sensible, and well written.  I'm not very far along yet, and I haven't gotten to any of the things people are referring to as "loopy" but so far I like what I hear. 

So far this school year is going pretty smoothly; much more so than last year which just seemed like one speed bump after another.  I have a couple of new challenges this year but it's been a good sort of challenge rather than the burdensome kind.

Apparently all I'm missing as far as blog-worthy-news is coverage of Hurricane Irene and Obama's vacation and I'd just as soon take a pass on both of those anyway. 

Stay high and dry this weekend and be safe if you're in the path of Irene.  Buy more beer.

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MikeAT said...

You may appreciate Darren's comments at Right on the Left Coast about teaching...with a cane