Friday, August 26, 2011

Here's Your Sign!

The Burrs get to keep their sign!  Yahoo!!!!!!

The lawsuit against a Bossier City family over a sign supporting their son serving in Afghanistan has been settled.

Corey Burr deployed to Afghanistan in January.  The Burr family put a sign in their yard with his picture and the words "Our son defends our freedom."

Their story drew national attention in July, after the Gardens of Southgate subdivision's Homeowner's Association filed suit against the Burrs, demanding they remove the sign.  The Burrs refused.
As part of the settlement reached with the homeowners' association, the Burrs will be allowed to keep their sign up until their son returns home.  He is due back in March of 2012.  The family says the agreement also allows for a mail-in vote to be held to decide whether to allow military signs throughout the neighborhood.   The HoA's by-laws require 90% approval for changing any by-laws. 

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It's a win!


Randy-g said...

What the hell is wrong with being a loving parent and patriot anymore?

Jim said...

That's good news! For the life of me, I don't understand why the HOA didn't work it out amicably in the first place.

Jodi Burr said...

Many thanks for your continued support, Pat. Honestly, it was because of stratight minded good-hearted citizens like you and your readers that the HOA decided to think differently. God bless y'all!