Friday, August 5, 2011


The election map in 2010... nothing to what it will look like next year.  By 2012 people will be feeling the pain of the downgrade.  Want to build a new house?  Forget it.  Want to sell your house?  Nope!

Quoting Professor Jacobson:

Democrats own the downgrade.  They fought Republicans and Tea Party supporters every step of they way, and forced a deal which was insufficient.  They played class warfare and race politics against arguments that we needed to drastically change our spending habits.

Bride of Rove predicted this a long time ago:

It always takes people by surprise – like earthquakes. A slow multitude of small movements build pressure and people expect that to just continue with, perhaps, some variable accleration easily managed with minor adjustments. Nature doesn’t work that way and financial matters seldom work that way for long. Once a ball starts rolling, once pressure reaches the breaking point, there’s nothing you can do but enjoy the ride and see where it takes you. Be careful what you wish for – especially if it’s the demise of the US dollar. I think, more than anything else, this will be the final bell that wakes Americans up in time to watch prosperity and – with it – freedom flowing off our shores and into the Pacific.

I guess Obama will give the obligatory speech soon; he seldom misses a chance to get behind the microphone these days.  Unless he's too busy packing for Martha's Vineyard.

Added:   Mark Steyn:

We don’t have till 2021. As I say in my column tomorrow, we have till mid-decade to turn this thing around, or it’s over.


Fenway_Nation said...

Well, I for one was tired of having our credit rating constantly confused with the Auto Club. I'm sure AA+ is just as good


Lightwave said...

We don't even have until the middle of this decade.

We have until 2012's election to put real conservatives in DC or we're a second-world country by 2016. There's no way Obama gets re-elected with a 10% "official" unemployment rate that's functionally 20% or more. Time to seriously consider who the GOP nominee will be, because that person will be your next President.

MikeAT said...


I pray you are right...this country is about to go off the deep but as of right now I still give B Hussein Obama a 50/50 chance of getting reelected.

I'll give you four reasons:

1. Barry has his nomination, the protest of Barry Sanders not withstanding. He will not be snakebitten like Carter in 80 or Bush in 92.

2. The fact Obama and the Dems have bankrupted this country, made it's foreign policy a laughing stock, seized multiple industries and are running them into the ground, etc will not be challenges by the objective media....thank God for the alternative media and Internet.

3. BO has vowed to raise a billion dollars for his campaign and he may not reach that he will raise hundred of millions....and I think the people who want money out of politics will be strangely silent.

4. I agree this election should be a landslide for the Republicans on the scale of 84 or 72. Obama has a record of destruction that should make him vulnerable to the kid on the ETrade commercials. Any decent candidate will mop the floor with him...and there it is. Never underestimate the ability of the RINOs/Rockefellers who run the party to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. A milquetoast RINO will be another also ran come November 12. And I see Romney as another McCain who will do nothing but turn off the conservative majority of this country.

Suffice to say we ain't out of the woods yet.