Saturday, April 25, 2015

Trap, Neuter, Return: If Your Cat Comes in My Yard...

Around the first of the year this beautiful stray calico cat showed up at our house.  We tried to find her home and failing that, I tried to find a nice inside home for her where she wouldn't have to live outside, but no luck.  There are too many unwanted cats as it is.  Meanwhile, we figured out the cat was pregnant.

Now we have these two adorable kittens, born on March 17.  She delivered five, but three fell victim to neighborhood tomcats; we have three inside dogs and can't have inside cats.  I constructed the Fort Knox of cat kennels after losing three kittens, and now we have these two precious kittens living inside this modified dog kennel.  

We also have a tabby cat that lives outside; she adopted us when her owners moved away and
Fort Knox Cat Kennel
abandoned her.  Luckily she was already spayed.

We're going to try to keep the kittens but they absolutely must be fixed. Robinson's Rescue is a perfect option for that and will be scheduling that appointment in the next few days.  I don't know how far out in advance they schedule.  

The mother cat must be fixed immediately.  I've scheduled an appointment with the vet for her which will set us back $200; but it must be done ASAP.  The tomcats are already prowling.

I'm going to go TNR on every stray cat that walks into my yard.  If your cat walks into my yard and still has his balls, I'm trapping him and getting him fixed. 

I'm sick to death of irresponsible pet owners.  

If you'd like to contribute a few dollars to my TNR cause, hit the PayPal button on the sidebar.  I'd be grateful!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Those Legal Insurrection Readers are Tough!

So, I've got a guest post up over at Legal Insurrection today.  Go check it out.

It's about Marco Rubio.  Bill Jacobson asked a while back if conservatives could "fall in love with Rubio" again.  As one of the original Not One Red Cent bloggers, he asked me to respond, and I did.

The comments are scathing over there; I quit monitoring them!  They hate Rubio and don't like me much, either!

Hey, I didn't say I was voting for him; way too early for that.

But here's the thing.  Cruz is wonderful but he's too good.  He won't pull all the demographics we need to get the Executive branch back.  Scott Walker is great - not enough name recognition.  Rubio isn't perfect.  The Gang of Eight deal will haunt him forever, but he's got a good answer for immigration which I highlight in my LI post.

If we sit around and wait for Reagan to rise from the dead, we're going to end up with President Hillary.

I'm NOT for blanket amnesty.  I AM for enforcing the laws and the border.  But I also see reality and I like Rubio's current plan.  The issue the LI readers seem to have for Rubio is trust.  They don't trust him anymore; Rubio will have to work to earn that trust back.

Anyway, go check it out.  I'm not monitoring comments over there so feel free to comment here, too.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Checking In

Oh goodness it's been a while since I posted anything.

Is anybody still here?

I've all but stopped blogging on political issues; Hillary disgusts me, Obama nauseates me, and the Republican field depresses me, although I do like the Republican field better than I did last cycle.  As the campaign gets a little closer to relevance I'll probably get back into the game a bit, but for now I have other things on my plate.

I'm still blogging at DaTechGuy, putting up one post a week on Mondays, and those are usually somewhat political in nature but usually with a Louisiana angle.

I'm spending most of my time working on a book and there is a lot of research involved.  I've been heavily into the project for a year now and have at least another year to go, I would say.  I'm loving every moment of it but it doesn't leave much time for anything else.

Anyway, just popped in to say hello, I'm still here, I'll be back, and feel free to leave a comment and say hey, or something.

See you soon!