Wednesday, June 9, 2021

My Medium Writing Experiment Update

Photo by Art Lasovsky on Unsplash
As I posted here in January, I've been doing most of my writing on Medium lately. Medium is a large blogging platform which hosts many different publications within the platform. It also has the added benefit of having a huge audience which means that more readers will potentially be exposed to my posts. Even better, I can earn some pocket change when I write. 

Medium is an open platform where you can tailor what kind of stories you see. You pick what categories of things you like to read about: Environment, Culture, Fiction, Design, Health and Wellness, that sort of thing. Everyone's front page looks different because it's tailored to your interests. The more you read, the more the algorithm learns what you want to see. The more categories you select, the more diverse your front page is. 

Even famous and well known authors write there: I follow Susan Orlean, author of The Library Book, who posts often. Jon Krakauer writes there, and many others, including some well known politicians.

I started this experiment with Medium in January and want to ride it out at least twelve months and see if I see any growth in both readership and in earnings. So far, I've published twenty-seven articles there and my "views" have more than tripled in the last thirty days. My earnings have more than tripled as well, but when you start out at pennies, any amount of growth is good! Let's just say I'm not in the "hundred dollar club" yet.

I'm still posting here, of course. I'm comfortable here and this is my personal blog where I know my readers and they know me. But, I'm going to keep on with my Medium experiment and see what happens. 

So, if you want to check out my stuff over there, which is different from the stuff over here, here's my link and here's the Medium front page

See ya there!