Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Week Ahead = Heatstroke UPDATED

Seriously?  This is not even "heat index" crap, people.  Ugh.

Must be August in Shreveport.  Time to go back to school (in one week.)

How's the temperature where YOU are?

Update:  Daughter in Texas emails to report that their forcast kicks our forcast's ass:

I feel cooler already!

Chivalry is Alive and Well

Good manners and chivalry are alive and well in Shreveport/Bossier. 

I went to a memorial service this afternoon for the mother of a dear friend.  She was obviously well loved and thought of.  I arrived early because that's just my thing.  I was about twenty minutes early and the room at the funeral home was already filling up.  As the appointed hour arrived, the pews became filled and people started lining the walls and the the back of the room.

Then the gentlemen started getting up and motioning for the ladies to come sit.  Not just the elderly ladies but all of them.  I thought, how nice!  Manners still exist!

And then I saw our Bossier Parish Schools superintendent, D.C. Machen, get up and insist an elderly gentleman take his seat.  Others followed suit.  By the time the service started, the only people that were standing were younger men. 

It was nice on two fronts; Moselle Thomas was so loved that her memorial service was standing room only, and that people still can show manners and chivalry when the need arises.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around: Jennifer's Birthday Trip to Second Hand Rose Edition

We had a fun day at Second Hand Rose Antiques today; it was my friend Jennifer's birthday and she came over to Milly's with a couple of other friends and they made a day of it.  Jennifer and Milly are kindred souls and hit it off famously.  Milly even knew Jen's grandmother.  Small world.

While there I picked up the chair I'd bought and of course found a couple of other small things.  I'm not refinishing the chair but I am going to reupholster the seat.  I'm kind of looking forward to finding the perfect fabric and getting one more project done before school starts.  I have one more week of summer vacation.

I'll scatter a couple of Milly pics through the links:

If the debt debate is getting you down, watch Marco Rubio over at Adrienne's.  You'll feel better.

And as long as you're watching videos, head over to The Daley Gator and watch Rick Perry.

Also on video, American Power has a great Rush Limbaugh clip.

Jimmie Bise has proof that you have not "plumbed the depths of idiocy in the debt ceiling debate."

Speaking of "the depths of idiocy," Pirate's Cove suggests Nancy Pelosi might just be there.

Bread Upon the Waters compares the Reid and Boehner bills.

If you read NOTHING else about the debt ceiling debate, read The Other McCain's post.

Wyblog is back from the beach.

Ed Driscoll reports that Obama is bummed that the markets aren't tanking.

Doug Ross has a list of conservative websites; I guess I'm number 151. 

Be sure to read A Cop's Watch and his report on his visit to Cpl.. Breck Scott.

If you're still trying to keep score in the debt ceiling debate, Saberpoint's post might help.

An excellent post at Bungalow Bill's on Nikki Haley's defense of the Confederate flag.

Political Junkie Mom on Debt Kabuki and Noonan regret.

Paco is still searching for Obama's debt ceiling plan.

So glad someone blogged this; I saw it and didn't take the time.  Tina looks at President Bush's explanation of his reaction to 9/11.

Michelle Malkin has your Saturday Night Kabuki Bickerfest.

Troglopundit takes time to welcome Smitty on his new arrival, as does Obi's Sister who posts the most adorable picture ever.

Legal Insurrection has the best suggestion of the day.

Right on the Left Coast takes a look at the issue of teachers blogging.

The awesome Mind Numbed Robot has proof that Steve Wynn was right.

Okay, that'll have to do it for this week.  It's been a long, long day and this girl is ready for an Octoberfest and some down time.  Happy weekend!

Cpl. Breck Scott Has a Visitor

Mike at A Cop's Watch went to visit Cpl. Scott in Houston yesterday.  Please read his report here.

Cpl. Scott is recovering from his fourth surgery in less than two weeks on his leg which was injured in a terrible motorcycle crash last April.  The good news is that it looks like they've saved his leg, but the has a long, long, long road in front of him.  Cpl. Scott described the surgery to KTBS before he left:

"It's going to be four surgeries. The first three, they're going to go in there and clean (the infection) out and put some antibiotic wash in there," Scott said Thursday at his home in Shreveport. "The fourth surgery, they're going to go four inches down my leg and break it right here and put that apparatus on." That device will stretch his leg and allow the bones to connect again so that his injured leg can become the same length as his other one. "It could take up to two years to go in there and work on that bone and get it to grow and fuse to that ankle," Scott said.
SIGIS has been running a fundraiser to help Cpl. Scott and his family with costs not covered by insurance.  We've got two more weeks running on the fundraiser before I forward all proceeds to the Capital One fund set up for him.

You can donate through this blog by hitting the Donate button at the top of the sidebar, or you can donate directly to Capital One.  Make the check out to Breck Scott, put "For Deposit Only" on the back, and reference acct. number 5732676084. The address for Capital One Bank is 333 Travis Street, Shreveport, LA 71101.

In addition, via KTBS, there will be a benefit golf tournament this month to help with costs as well:

E.G. Huckabay Lodge #3 of the Fraternal Order of Police is scheduled to host a benefit golf tournament in honor of Corporal Breck Scott.Corporal Scott is a Shreveport motorcycle officer who was seriously injured in a crash four months ago.He recently underwent his fourth and final operation at a Texas Hospital.The golf tournament will help with expenses not covered by insurance.The four person scramble is scheduled for Tuesday, August 30th at Querbes Golf Course in Shreveport.The entry fee is $240 per team, prizes will be awarded to the top contenders.Any inquiries should be directed to Corporal Bill Vincent at 318-673-7262. 

Here at SIGIS we've collected just over $100; please consider making a small donation today.  No amount is too small and every little bit helps!  It's good to help others!  Donate!  And to those of you who have made a contribution already, thank you.

Also thanks to Right on the Left Coast for their linkage and participation in helping Cpl. Scott and his family.

Cpl. Breck Scott Recovering From Surgery
The SIGIS Fundraiser for Cpl. Scott Continues
Corporal Breck Scott to Undergo Four Surgeries
Corporal Breck Scott Headed to Houston

Friday, July 29, 2011

Tea Party Terrorists and Civil Discourse (Upated with Remarks from House Debate)

Politico has gone over the edge.  In the new era of "civility in discourse" Politico is now calling the Tea Party a terrorist group.

It has become commonplace to call the tea party faction in the House “hostage takers.” But they have now become full-blown terrorists.
They have joined the villains of American history who have been sufficiently craven to inflict massive harm on innocent victims to achieve their political goals. A strong America has always stood firm in the face of terrorism. That tradition is in jeopardy, as Congress and President Barack careen toward an uncertain outcome in the tea party- manufactured debt crisis.

And a little deeper in:

Terrorism is a tough term, but, unfortunately, it describes tea party tactics precisely. Their first step was to vow not to vote to raise the debt ceiling.

Be sure to see Pirate's Cove for a complete fisking of the piece.

How quickly we forget.  It was January 2011 when Obama, after the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, said "only a more civil and honest public discourse can help us face up to our challenges as a nation."

How are Obama's minions following his advice?

Harry Reid this morning accused Republicans of taking America "hostage":

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid vowed today the Senate will act on his plan to raise the nation's debt limit, saying the economy should not be held hostage by recalcitrant House Republicans.
(He also complained:  "What's being done in the House is not a compromise," he said. "It is being jammed through."  He would know all about jamming legislation through, wouldn't he?)

The New York Daily News:

They will emerge victorious from this fight not because they are necessarily right or Americans support their cuts-only approach (they don't), but rather because they are willing to nihilistically sabotage the US economy.

I'm sorry, but who was it exactly that ignored the debt commission report?

“Eighteen times the debt ceiling was raised for Ronald Reagan, eight times for George Bush, because they would never stand in this body to see a default on the full faith and credit of the United States”: Larson said. “We need not go through this ideological hostage situation. Why are we holding the American people hostage? Let's put America back to work. We’re a better nation; we’re a better body than that.”

According to Pelosi, the world must be saved from Republicans:

"What we're trying to do is save the world from the Republican budget. We're trying to save life on this planet as we know it today."
Hey, at least the Republicans passed a budget.

"The Republicans are holding hostage the credit of the United States of America."

Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT):

Welch charged, “This is the first time a party has used a debt ceiling vote to hold hostage the American economy.”

And on and on. They all got that "hostage" talking point memo, didn't they.

It goes both ways.  Republicans throw their fair share of heated rhetoric as well, but it seems to me there is enough blame to go around for this crisis and the Democrats are unwilling to accept any.  As I mentioned, they saw this coming months ago.  Obama walked away from his own debt commission report.  His position has always been his way or no way.  Compromise isn't a word he has used until lately.

As for the Tea Party, those Tea Party members are the only ones doing what they were sent to Washington to do.  They can't be bought off with earmarks or vague promises.  It isn't their fault that Obama helped create this crisis by ignoring the debt commission and continuing on his job killing, economy crushing, regulation heavy, massive spending policies.

Politico's piece is just fanning the flames and that is what is irresponsible, not the Tea Party.

Update:  Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VT) complaining on the House floor right now about the Boehner bill being "slapped together behind closed doors" in the dark of night.   He calls this all a "manufactured crisis."  By Obama, I might add.

Rep. Mel Watt (D-NC)  calls the bill the worst evah!  "We have NO time left in the debate on our side to debate whether we will pass an amendment to the Constitution of the United States that literally holds a gun to the economy of America!"

No terroristic language there.

Update 2:  Barney Frank:  "Speaker Boehner should take as his theme song, 'It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To.'"   He calls it "a flawed bill" brought by "a weakened Speaker."

Well, that was mature.

Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD):  "The Republican majority should be embarrassed for the American people."  They are "reckless" she says.  The bill was "hurriedly drafted today just to please the far right elements of the Tea Party."  She says the Republican party is putting "our entire future" at risk "for this garbage."

Garbage in, garbage out.

Update 3:  Rep.  Gerald Connelly says the Republicans are "turning our Founding Fathers into deadbeat dads."

Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) echos the appeasing the "far right" theme.  Corporate jets!  Close tax loopholes!  Tax the rich!  Eliminate oil company subsidies!

Sheila Jackson Lee:  "This is the worst bill that any American could imagine in the history of this nation!"  Hyperbole.  "We actually have the authority...under the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling."    She says the BBA is "not by majority" and will stop Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare.  Hyperbole.  She urges people to call in and say "Stop the madness!"

Update 4:  I see kids in the chamber.  Such rhetoric for such young ears!

Update 5:  Rep. Marcy Kaptur suggests this bill is like pulling the IV tubes out of an ill patient and "shoving them down the elevator chute."

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY)  "This Congress is in chaos!"  True dat.  "We must stop this Republican Roulette and get back to a plan that is realistic."  She calls for a clean vote on the debt ceiling and if not then invoke the 14th Amendment.

Rep. Steve Rothman (D-NJ) refers to it as the Republican Default Bill.  "The full faith and credit of the United States will be held hostage..."  There's that word again.  Some applause from the floor when he finishes speaking.

The children behind the podium are waving to the camera.

Update 6:  Rep David Scott (D-GA)  lamenting "drastic cuts" to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.  About $1000 per person, he says.

Rep. Jim Costa (D-CA)  "our nation's first ever default is at hand."

Rep.Markey says the Republicans "don't want compromise, they want capitulation."  He says this bill will change the Constitution "forEVER!" 

Nancy Pelosi says "the clock is ticking" - most overused phrase of the day.  "As we continue this debate today, one thing is very clear to me.  If our goal were to find deficit reduction in a balanced bipartisan way, we could certainly do that...we could find a path to serious deficit reduction."  "That is not the goal of the Republicans of the House of Representatives."   Now she's blathering about clean air standards and food safety.  Clean water.  "We can't do that for ourselves!"

Tax subsidies to big oil!  "You're going to pay more for your college loans so we can give tax breaks to people at the other end."   "This bill is going nowhere.  It is a total waste of time," she says.

The Speaker and the Republicans walked away from the table and the stock market dropped 483 points, she says.  I don't think you can totally blame the Republicans for that, Nancy.

Boehner's New Plan

It looks like it's going to be a long weekend with the debt ceiling debate.  And truthfully, it's enough to make your head spin.

As of today, Boehner has a new plan and apparently the change is that this one includes a balanced budget amendment.  This BBA must be sent to the states before the ceiling is raised a second time.  Spending cuts must be larger than the spending increase, but it doesn't specify when those spending cuts occur, as far as I can tell.

Andrew Stiles at NRO reports that this new Boehner version will likely pass:

The exact language of the balanced-budget amendment will be up to Congress to determine. Members will vote on the updated legislation sometime today and many expect it to pass.
Rush Limbaugh pointed out today that the Boehner bill and the Reid bill are virtually the same except for the time line and the BBA.

Of course, Harry Reid and Obama say the Boehner bill is DOA so it's all for naught.

Steve Womack (R-Ark.) says the new Boehner bill is worse:

Womack tells National Review Online that he believes the initial bill, without the BBA requirement, was a “better play” because it had a much better chance of getting through the Senate, or at least becoming the framework for a final deal. He says the new bill “weakens our position” and “gives much more power to the Senate” by essentially allowing them lead the way on a final compromise.

Conn Carroll at The Washington Examiner says the Boehner bill won't be DOA in the Senate:

In the few minutes it takes to read this post, at least five Democrats will have again told reporters that the Boehner bill is "dead on arrival" in the Senate. But if the Boehner bill is such a non-threat to the White House, then why are House Democrats so scared to let any of their moderates vote for it?
Remember, five Democrats crosssed party lines to vote for the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act. That bill, requiring a constituional amendment with a super-majority to raise taxes, was truly DOA in the Senate. But this time around, no House Democrats will vote for the Boehner plan. Why?

Carroll points out that the Senate won't take the Boehner bill as is, but it will be the starting point for what we eventually end up with.

Here is Kathryn Lopez's take on the way it will go:

So what does the new path look like? This tweaked Budget Control Act will pass the House. The Senate will strip out the BBA language. It will pass the Senate. When it goes back to the House, Boehner loses some of his caucus again, but Pelosi will have to get some of her members on board. If this is such a crisis moment, Democrats are the party in power. Boehner negotiated with his caucus and got an imperfect bill that the Democratic Senate could work with — with a statement of principles in including the BBA. Then the Democrats, who do run Washington, after all, will have to step up to the plate.

She's probably right. 

Meanwhile, Stacy McCain is keeping an eye on the markets.  It seems the key there is to keep Obama off the television:

Before President Obama’s speech, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 90 points. Now — as of 10:45 a.m. ET — it’s down 110 points.  Why? Because he used his speech for a partisan hit on the GOP as offering a bill that “does not solve the problem” and can’t pass Harry Reid’s Democrat-controlled Senate.
He really is a downer.  Even Peggy Noonan sees that.  Now.

He is a loser.

She's a little late to the realization, but that's okay.

As for Boehener's bill, it goes to the Rules committee this afternoon and a vote could come later.  Stay tuned for updates here.   

(Memeorandum has full coverage as well, as always.)

Update on Cpl. Breck Scott; Fundraiser Continues

This is from Chris Redford (KTBS-TV):

This just in from from Cpl. Breck Scott's Family: "Surgeons told us the surgery was a success. Breck must be some type of Iron Man. Nurses will be with him the rest of the night. He is awake and talking after being under for 13hrs. The Medical staff was amazed."
This is after his fourth surgery, a complicated, "high-tech" procedure described by Cpl. Scott:
"The fourth surgery, they're going to go four inches down my leg and break it right here and put that apparatus on." That device will stretch his leg and allow the bones to connect again so that his injured leg can become the same length as his other one. "It could take up to two years to go in there and work on that bone and get it to grow and fuse to that ankle," Scott said.
Imagine the extensive follow-ups, physical therapy and rehab in front of him.  
SIGIS is still running our fundraiser for Cpl. Scott.  You can donate through this blog by hitting the "Donate" button in the sidebar or if you prefer to make your donation directly to the bank, you can make the check out to Breck Scott, put "For Deposit Only" on the back, and reference acct. number 5732676084. The address for Capital One Bank is 333 Travis Street, Shreveport, LA 71101.
He and his family are expected to stay in Houston for several weeks during this immediate recovery period.
Thanks to those of you who have already donated!  And remember: no amount is too small!  Pass up that Starbucks today and send your $5 to a good cause!
(Note:  Cpl. Scott, as far as I know, does not even read this blog or know of its existence and he is in no way affiliated with this blog, the author or the political opinions expressed here.) 

Cpl. Breck Scott Recovering From Surgery
The SIGIS Fundraiser for Cpl. Scott Continues
Corporal Breck Scott to Undergo Four Surgeries
Corporal Breck Scott Headed to Houston

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Matt Will Be Dancing in New Orleans Saturday!

PLACE: On the waterfront outside the Peristyle in City Park
DATE: Saturday, July 30th
TIME: 5pm

Here's a Google map of the location:

The photo at the bottom of this email shows exactly where to meet. You
can also view the image here:

Remember Matt?

Take a Trip to the 8th Air Force Museum on Barksdale Air Force Base

Steve and I took a trip to the Barksdale museum today; technically it is the 8th Air Force Museum.  I highly recommend a visit; you don't have to have base access to go.  Just enter through the North Gate and they'll get you there.  Their collection is rich in artifacts and history and is a great place to take the kids on these hot summer days.

The museum is one of only twelve Air Force field museums.  Inside, there are displays, dioramas, sculpture, paintings, video exhibits, even parts of airplanes.  Outside, the air park holds some 28 planes and peripheral non-airplane items such as an airplane tug and a firetruck.  There is also a walkway lined with memorial bricks which are quite interesting to read.  As a side note, Steve and I got married out there in front of the B47 plane (which is where his memorial brick is placed.)

We've been inside the museum before but it's been several years.  It was time for a return visit.  As it happens, there was an article in The Shreveport Times today outlining the changes that are headed the museum's way.   The photo above is what it looks like now; this is what the new design looks like:

According to The Times article, the Air Force says "several of the museum's airplanes, including its rare B-24, B-17 and B-29, might be sent to museums where they could be indoors."  Thus, the considered renovations.

When you walk in, the gift shop is to your right:

To your left would be a replica of a WWII era Quonset hut set up like a briefing room.  A thirty minute video of the history of Barksdale Air Force base runs on a constant loop.

Right outside the door is an old British telephone booth:

To see the exhibits you proceed down this hallway (this photo is the only one that isn't mine; it's taken from the museum website):

Here's a bust of General Omar Bradley:

Barksale AFB was the recipient of the Omar Bradley Spirit of Independence Award in 1991.

Here is the Lt. Eugene Hoy Barksdale Room; it's still under some construction so we couldn't go in:

This exhibit also has a video loop with Lt. Barksdale's biography:

And the board at the entrance of the room requesting volunteers:

One exhibit that always gives me pause is the 9/11 exhibit.   You'll remember that President George W. Bush stopped at Barksdale AFB to speak to the nation that morning after leaving Florida.

You can click on the picture and zoom in; there's a timeline of events throughout the day.  You can see, too, the screen at the far right which loops his speech that day.
Another angle:

And the clock, frozen in time:

Always remember.  In that display they've preserved the podium from which he spoke and the telephone he used.

This display commemorates Dedication Day for the base with front pages of the newspapers and a lady in fashionable dress:

I love these bomb-shaped salt and pepper shakers!

This display is from the WWII room and is intended to replicate "the home front":

Another angle:

I've chopped his head off with my photo but that's a picture of FDR on the wall.  Again, click and zoom to get all the details!

This is supposed to be a "typical" 8th Air Force soldier in England in WWII:

He reminded Steve of Radar O'Reilly.  His reading material:

And the accompanying plaque:

Gas mask: Flight suits and oxygen mask:

The POW/MIA display:

The sketch is CMSgt Charlie Poole whose remains were actually found.  He went missing in 1972 and his remains were identified and interred in Arlington National Cemetery in 2003.

The concrete marker to the far left was all that marked the grave of Lt.Col. Keith Heggen in North Vietnam.  It was returned with his body in 1974.  There is a binder there with all of the correspondence between his family and the government regarding his status.

The marker:

Here is an old bomb sight - maybe from a B52?  Not sure.

This was cool:  it's a portion of a brick wall discovered by the British Wall Art Conservation Society from the Red Cross Club at the 8th Air Force Base in Bottisham where the 361 fighter group flew Yellow Nose P51 Mustangs.  The wall was presented to the 8th Air Force in 1987.

I'm not sure where this lady was but she's neat, too:

This one was sad:  a memorial to the Raider 21 crew who crashed in 2008.  All six were lost.

They were based out of BAFB.

Some of the paintings in the museum:

The different types of wings:

When we finished up we went in the gift shop; Steve got a t-shirt and I bought a book.  The museum depends heavily on donations and this will be especially important as they try to grow, expand, and hang onto the aircraft on display outside.  If you're interested in making a donation to preserve history, send a check to:

8th Air Force Museum Association
P.O. Box 75
Barksdale AFB, LA 71110-0075 

They also accept historical artifacts.  See the website for details.

If you're looking for an educational afternoon activity for the kids, consider the BAFB museum.  There's lots to see, inside and out!


First of the Season!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cpl. Breck Scott Recovering From Surgery; Our Fundraiser Continues

Cpl. Breck Scott is recovering from three of the four surgeries in Houston, via Chris Redford at KTBS.  The fourth surgery is scheduled for tomorrow.

Remember the SIGIS fundraiser for Cpl. Scott and donate what you can in support.  Hit the tip jar button in the sidebar, near the top.  He and his family will have to remain in Houston for several week as doctors work to save his leg.  According to Redford and Cpl. Scott's family, the infection is gone and doctors say the leg is salvagable!  This is great news!

If you prefer to make your donation directly to the fund set up for Cpl. Scott, you can make the check out to Breck Scott, put "For Deposit Only" on the back, and reference acct. number 5732676084. The address for Capital One Bank is 333 Travis Street, Shreveport, LA 71101.

Remember, no amount is too small and it feels good to help others!

To those of you who have donated already, thanks again, millions!

(Note:  Cpl. Scott, as far as I know, does not even read this blog or know of its existence and he is in no way affiliated with this blog, the author or the political opinions expressed here.)
The SIGIS Fundraiser for Cpl. Scott Continues
Corporal Breck Scott to Undergo Four Surgeries
Corporal Breck Scott Headed to Houston

Photo credit:  Chris Redford, KTBS

Jodi Burr Speaks to Fox News

In case you missed it:

Homeowner's Association Demands Removal of Sign of Support for Marine
Attorney for HOA Responds in Banner Dispute
The Burr Banner Gets National Headlines (Updated)

Another China Cabinet

The debt debate is driving me to drink.  And to shop.  To escape the madness on our television Steve and I got out yesterday and hit a couple of local antique shops to find trinkets for the new/old medicine cabinet.

We found a couple of things:  an old turpentine bottle with part of the label worn off.  I don't know if it's actually medicinal (I doubt it), but it looks cool in the cabinet so in it went.  We also got a shaving brush and stuck it in there near the Rolls Razor.  It's taking shape.  I was rooting around in the garage and found an old amber medicine bottle with some sort of liquid still in it but there isn't enough of the label left to figure out what it was.  (My grandfather worked for Parke-Davis as a distributor/representative and I find bottles and sample of stuff out there all the time.  Lots of shelves and cubbies for things to hide.)

Anyway, while poking around through Shreveport Trading Company Antiques Steve spotted this Depression era china cabinet.  Steve loved the imperfections and dimples in the glass and I loved the detail work, and since the one we bought earlier this summer is filled, we bought it.  Yes, another china cabinet.

We hauled it home today and I've spent the day moving some things from the other cabinet and putting in things I didn't have room for.  Now I have a little more room to grow and collect! 

I think the detail work on it is cool.  This is on the front on both sides of the center door.

And this is on the top:

I've been busy today cleaning it up (it was in pretty good shape, though) and putting stuff in it.  Blissfully unaware of the debt debate today.  
Tomorrow we're headed to Milly's to pick up the vanity chair that I'm putting in the hall under the fabulous mirror I got last weekend at a garage sale!  I think I'm going to recover the seat but no refinishing on this one.

I'm off to catch up on the news of the day.  Has the country melted down yet? 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Here's A Good Idea: Obama Should WALK to John Boehner's Office!

I've always been of the opinion that much of the left lives in a fantasy world where money grows on trees and the government can give cradle to grave assistance to everyone.  The perfect world is a nanny state where half of your french fries are substituted for apples.

My suspicions of lefty lunacy are confirmed in this ridiculous bit of "advice?" from Juli Weiner at Vanity Fair entitled "Lessons From The West Wing:  How Obama Can Rein in Republicans":

Think back for a minute, to the Aaron Sorkin-less dregs of The West Wing, season five. The Democratic president, Josiah Bartlet, is locked in budget negotiations with the authoritative House Speaker, Republican Jeffrey Haffley. After weeks of legislative back and forth, the G.O.P. recoiled from a previously agreed-upon bipartisan compromise at the 11th hour. It’s really not so different from this summer’s protracted, miserable debt-ceiling debate.

Bartlet refuses to yield to the unreasonable demands of the Republicans, and allows the government to shut down. After a few days of stalemate, Bartlet walks from the White House to the Capitol building, where he tries to see Haffley. Cameras trail him the whole way there. The Speaker keeps the president waiting for seven minutes, and eventually Bartlet turns around and walks home, reporters in tow.

She then goes on to say that Boehner's speech was "rambling" last night and suggests maybe Obama should do the same thing as this fictional West Wing president: take a walk, cameras in tow, to Boehner's office.  A publicity stunt!  That'll do it!

I'm going to assume Ms. Weiner is speaking tongue in cheek and couldn't possibly believe that Obama would deign to walk to John Boehner's office with a gaggle of reporters and cameras in tow.   Isn't he "too smart" for such publicity gimmicks?

In Ms. Weiner's fantasy land of television, "public opinion turns against the Republicans" because they were rude to the president, kept him waiting for seven minutes, and in the end the president got his way in the budget debate.

Of course, in reality, Democrats don't pass budgets.

Whether Ms. Weiner is just jesting with us or just showing off her pop culture skills, one does wonder how much liberals confuse reality with make believe. 

As the debt debate drones on it does baffle the mind how Democrats think we can keep spending and growing government. 

I'm reminded of Palin when she said Democrats live "on a unicorn ranch in fantasyland" which in Ms. Weiner's world would be The West Wing.

The SIGIS Fundraiser for Cpl. Scott Continues (BUMPED AND UPDATED AGAIN)

Please don't forget the SIGIS fundraiser for Shreveport Police Cpl. Breck Scott!  As the original posts filter on down the blog I'll post the occasional reminder so we can keep it going.

Cpl. Scott is in Houston now undergoing four separate surgeries in an attempt to save his leg which was injured in an accident while he was on duty last April.  The leg hasn't healed properly and he now has a terrible bone infection.

The first surgeries are to clean out the wound and help clear the infection.  Then in a "high tech" surgery they'll go back in, break the leg, and put on an apparatus that will stretch his leg and allow the bones to reconnect.  Very painful and a long healing time.

Cpl. Scott's family is there for support but can't we do something to support them?  As I said before, police officers put their lives on the line for us every day and don't get paid nearly enough for it.  If you're in a position to help, even a little, SIGIS is running a fundraiser to supplement the fund that has been set up for Cpl. Scott at Capital One bank.

You can donate through this blog (link in the sidebar near the top) or you can donate directly to Capital One.  Make the check out to Breck Scott, put "For Deposit Only" on the back, and reference acct. number 5732676084. The address for Capital One Bank is 333 Travis Street, Shreveport, LA 71101.

Every thing that hits my tip jar until August 15 will go to the Capital One fund.

And to those of you who have already donated, thanks a million!  We're in triple digits now!

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(Note:  Cpl. Scott, as far as I know, does not even read this blog or know of its existence and he is in no way affiliated with this blog, the author or the political opinions expressed here.)

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