Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ten Things To Do This Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!  Don't know what to do with your day?  SIGIS can help:

1.  Make a patriotic cake.

2.  Go watch a fireworks display.  In Shreveport there is the Riverfront celebration.

3.  Fire up the grill and cook a hot dog.  We'll be doing BBQ chicken and some pork and alligator sausage here at SIGIS, and maybe some burgers.

4.  Read the Declaration of Independence.

5.  Attend a Fourth of July parade.


6.  Watch The Boston Pops on television, or better yet, in person.

7.  Fly your flag proudly!  Here at SIGIS I even line my walkway with small flags!  Take the American Flag trivia quiz.

8.  If there aren't any burn bans where you are, rediscover your childhood by burning a few sparklers.

9.  Make some home made ice cream.  I cherish those memories when I was growing up and we made home made ice cream.  My parents had friends over and we'd all sit in the driveway and take turns turning the crank!  The kids did most of the work because we thought it was fun!  And ooooo was it wonderful to lick the paddle!

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10.  Take a virtual tour of the Statue of Liberty.

However you choose to spend the day, I hope you are able to spend it with friends and family and that you have a wonderful day!


Mike Thiac said...

BBQ and cleaning up the coming over...watching Sons of Anarachy ..and avoiding anything to do with the Casey Anthony trial

Anonymous said...

Home made ice cream! Brings back great childhood memories. Yes, Independence Day is a time for celebrating the birth of the United States of America - the "last, best hope of earth."

Bob Belvedere said...

Happy Independence Day, Pat, to you and yours -- and stay off that foot!

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