Saturday, July 16, 2011

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around: The Swamp People Edition

I've spent the whole morning playing around with Google+  and seem to have fallen down a rabbit hole.  I don't know where the day went.  Between that and the Swamp People marathon today, I'm a lost cause.  Let's check some links and get caught up!

I'm suffering from debt-ceiling burnout so Stacy McCain's post about the teenage bride was a welcome break. 

The Camp of the Saints doesn't like his poll choices so makes up his own!

Check out Legal Insurrection's latest bumper sticker pic.

At Pirate's Cove, there's still hope on the light bulb front.

Mind Numbed Robot is convinced that Obama is a hypnotist.

The Lonely Conservative has an update on the "permitorium" and it's not good.

Watch for hijinks at Troglopundit's place this week!

At Don Suber, Michelle Bachmann can continue to be the American Girl!

Tiger's ex is moving on via American Power.  (Rule 5 bonus).

Pundette makes the case that Team Obama is in denial.

Doug Ross perfectly explains the rise of the welfare state.

Adrienne laments wasting time reading HuffPo.

Bungalow Bill has had me absolutely in tears.  (Steve, don't click this link).

Reaganite Republican has a great roundup.

Political Junkie Mom takes on Time's piece on Rick Perry.

Jimmie Bise takes us back to the debt ceiling, and clears his browser tabs.

Bread Upon the Waters posts Obama's preposterous claim that 80% of Americans want to pay more taxes.

Ok I'm back to experimenting with Google+ now and Swamp People.  Stay cool, people.  It's hot outside.


robot said...

You stay cool too, Pat. And thanks for the linkage!

Quite Rightly said...

Some great reads here!

And thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! I saw Swamp People on Netflix tonight. Was about to start watching until my husband reclaimed the remote. Cheers it is. ; ) Tonight, at least.

Timeshare Jake said...

thanks for the cyber hugs

Bob Belvedere said...

Thanks for the Linked at SIGIS!, and thank Sigi -- although I don't know who or what Sigi's is [is it a bar? if so, I'm there].