Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trolling the Blogs on Thursday

A little Thursday afternoon blog cruising while we're waiting to see how long Obama stays at the negotiating table this afternoon...

Donald Douglas writes about the Leiby Kletzky murder.  It really is a terrible and haunting case and strikes a cord with all parents, I imagine.  I can't imagine what his parents are going through.  Donald writes:

I think parents need to go with their instincts, especially if they've got young kids. A couple more [years] of hovering ain't gonna harm a child. Frankly, in this day and age, I think families let kids off the leash a bit too early anyway.
I agree.  Kids are so eager to be independent and broaden their boundaries.   And why does it make it worse for me that this child had autism?  Because he was possibly more vulnerable?    Looking for small things to be grateful for, I'm glad the killer confessed.  At least maybe we'll be spared the circus that was Casey Anthony.  I hope they nail this guy and don't screw it up.

Changing gears, Stacy McCain has a post up in which he elaborates on a point I was attempting to make yesterday about the greatest flaw in Obama's presidency is that, as we all predicted, he has no experience in dealing with a crisis.  What he is now facing with the debt crisis is not something he would have ever faced as a community organizer or in teaching a constitutional law class.  Stacy writes:

Go through Obama’s resume and try to find when he was ever in a position of executive authority, responsible for making tough decisions about budget matters, especially in a situation like this, where spending must be cut or else.

Read the rest.  It's a linkapolooza of a post and worth your time.

I've also been sort of struck today at how "Obama is a liar" has been the meme of the day:  first Ann Althouse, (via Memorandum) who is troubled at Obama's use of his mother's struggles right before her death to push (read:  manipulate) emotion for his health care plan:

"This is the standard response of the memoirist: These are my memories. This is how I remember it. Even if I am mistaken, there is truth in the way this story has become part of me. (That notion is expressed beautifully in the interview at the end of the audiobook version of the thoroughly delightful "The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid: A Memoir.")

But I don't accept that the President could have an innocently false memory about this story, which he milked dramatically..."

I'm reminded of James Frey and his brouhaha with Oprah after he was caught fabricating details in A Million Little Pieces.     Obama's faulty memory (was it really faulty?) carries much more serious consequences, of course.  It means that the president intentionally deceived a) in order to sell books and/or b) to manipulate the emotions of the American people.  It's troubling.

Also in that meme was Rep. Joe Walsh who posted this video on his YouTube channel in which he says:

"President Obama, quit lying," said Congressman Walsh. "You know darn well that if August 2nd comes and goes there is plenty of money to pay off our debt and cover all social security obligations. And you also know that you and only you have the discretion to make those payments."
Strong words.  Echoes of Rep. Joe Wilson.  I certainly don't agree with most everything Obama says and freely speak out against his policies, but I do think it probably lowers the level of discourse when Congressmen call the president  a "liar" on You Tube.  It goes both ways, though.  Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have done their fair share of trash talk.

Okay, after all that, pop over to Saberpoint and read his favorite pirate joke.  We all need a laugh!

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