Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Here's A Good Idea: Obama Should WALK to John Boehner's Office!

I've always been of the opinion that much of the left lives in a fantasy world where money grows on trees and the government can give cradle to grave assistance to everyone.  The perfect world is a nanny state where half of your french fries are substituted for apples.

My suspicions of lefty lunacy are confirmed in this ridiculous bit of "advice?" from Juli Weiner at Vanity Fair entitled "Lessons From The West Wing:  How Obama Can Rein in Republicans":

Think back for a minute, to the Aaron Sorkin-less dregs of The West Wing, season five. The Democratic president, Josiah Bartlet, is locked in budget negotiations with the authoritative House Speaker, Republican Jeffrey Haffley. After weeks of legislative back and forth, the G.O.P. recoiled from a previously agreed-upon bipartisan compromise at the 11th hour. It’s really not so different from this summer’s protracted, miserable debt-ceiling debate.

Bartlet refuses to yield to the unreasonable demands of the Republicans, and allows the government to shut down. After a few days of stalemate, Bartlet walks from the White House to the Capitol building, where he tries to see Haffley. Cameras trail him the whole way there. The Speaker keeps the president waiting for seven minutes, and eventually Bartlet turns around and walks home, reporters in tow.

She then goes on to say that Boehner's speech was "rambling" last night and suggests maybe Obama should do the same thing as this fictional West Wing president: take a walk, cameras in tow, to Boehner's office.  A publicity stunt!  That'll do it!

I'm going to assume Ms. Weiner is speaking tongue in cheek and couldn't possibly believe that Obama would deign to walk to John Boehner's office with a gaggle of reporters and cameras in tow.   Isn't he "too smart" for such publicity gimmicks?

In Ms. Weiner's fantasy land of television, "public opinion turns against the Republicans" because they were rude to the president, kept him waiting for seven minutes, and in the end the president got his way in the budget debate.

Of course, in reality, Democrats don't pass budgets.

Whether Ms. Weiner is just jesting with us or just showing off her pop culture skills, one does wonder how much liberals confuse reality with make believe. 

As the debt debate drones on it does baffle the mind how Democrats think we can keep spending and growing government. 

I'm reminded of Palin when she said Democrats live "on a unicorn ranch in fantasyland" which in Ms. Weiner's world would be The West Wing.


david7134 said...

Can you imagine what would happen if Bohner snubs Obama? People would desend on Washington and hail Bohner as a hero, carrying him through the streets. The country is so tense right now that I would be supprised if such an event didn't spark another war.

Unknown said...

I never could stomach more than 45 seconds of West Wing before the urge to upchuck overtook me.

Quite Rightly said...

Why should Obama walk when he can take the Beast?

After all, Boehner does not work on a golf course.