Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fulll Metal Jacket Reach Around: Parade Day Edition

The FMJRA has taken a couple of weeks off but let's take a stab at one this week.  Today is parade day: the first of our "big" parades is this evening and we are blessed today with glorious spring-like weather.  The parade route has been lined for two days with RVs and tents as people stake out their spots.  Steve and I drove through there last night and people were out in front of their RVs with fires going, hanging out with friends, drinking beer, and enjoying the mild evening.   I have a friend with a house along the route and it's within walking distance from my house, so Steve and I always base ourselves there.  Because I'm still battling the cough left over from my Winter Crud, we probably won't do as much walking as we usually do, but we'll have a good time nonetheless! 

I have some things to do before we head out, however, so let's see what's up on SIGIS's favorite blogs this week:

Legal Insurrection notes that Obama's doing nothing is actually something in and of itself!

On a related note, Pundette explains What Leadership Means to Obama.

Paco reveals that thanks to Iowa, today is Bacon Day!  (I've had mine today, have you?)

Ed Driscoll wonders if the MSM can be sued for whiplash?

Pirates Cove takes a closer look at the Weekly Address.

Doug Ross graphs gas prices over the past two years.

The Other McCain is blogging from ... Marion, Ohio?

Mind Numbed Robot has concluded Obama hates America.

Wyblog shares some delusions from liberals.

Bride of Rove has had it with "chenille bedspread wearing" Michelle.

I know this is woefully short, but I've got some errands to run before they close the streets I need to be on.  Have a lovely Saturday, have some bacon in honor of bacon day, and I'll catch you later!


Chris Wysocki said...

Thanks for the link Pat. Feel better soon. At least you're seeing Spring. Here in NJ it's 29 degrees outside with 40 mph winds. Brrrr.

robot said...

Hi Pat. Have a great day.
Les a le bon ton roule!