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TSR LA Baby Mommas: Making a Difference One Dog at a Time

Ruby: she's looking for a home.
One of the very good things about the Shreveport-Bossier area is its huge animal rescue community. There are several rescue groups that work very hard to find homes and save lives of the overabundance of unwanted animals in our area.

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation points out that the current population of dogs and cats in the United States "currently exceeds the capacity of our society to care and provide homes for them as companion animals."  Our local rescue groups each have some kind of specialty area but none will turn their back on an animal in need.

For example, Ninna's Road to Rescue specializes in small breeds while Lumberjack Rescue specializes in large breeds, and Port City Cat Rescue specializes in cats.  We also have PetSavers and the Humane Society, both of which work very hard to place animals.  Bossier City Animal Control does a fantastic job at adopting out animals over euthanasia. New rescues are forming and making their mark as well, such as Bark-la-Tex Rescue.  Nova's Heart is an organization that works to help and support the homeless and their homeless pets.  We even have a Mardi Gras krewe which works for and highlights the plight of homeless animals: Krewe of Barkus and Meoux.

One rescue that serves a specialized need is TSR LA Baby Mommas.  This group was launched in 2011 and specializes in puppies that require round-the-clock monitoring and critical care puppies.

These people are amazing.

They were one of the first to step up and help Braveheart, the pitbull puppy who was left abandoned and left to die in a storage building in August 2013.  Braveheart is now thriving and serves as an ambassador against animal abuse.

This rescue group has, for example, taken several cleft palate puppies and has supported them through multiple surgeries to repair their handicaps and ensure that they can adopt out and have healthy, normal lives.  One of those puppies was baby Summit who was fostered by Braveheart's
Summit on left, and Braveheart. Courtesy of A Voice for Braveheart
family; Braveheart helped nurture and care for baby Summit, an endeavor that included careful hand feeding across very short round the clock intervals under the monitoring of a vet tech.  Aspiration was a constant worry in those first few weeks.  Summit is now living a healthy life with his new family.

Some of the puppies that come into the rescue are preemies or have lost their mother at birth due to one circumstance or another.  These puppies literally require round the clock care; they require their now human mommas to get up maybe every thirty minutes for feeding or monitoring.  Someone to warm the sock filled with soft, cooked rice to snuggle next to for comfort.  Someone to change the potty pad and wipe the puppy off.  Someone to clean the face as a momma would.

I've seen these mommas come to adoption events with these very young puppies because they can't be left alone; so they're packed into warm, secure carriers and brought to events so they can continue to be fed are monitored.  The public is not allowed to touch or handle these very young ones just yet because the immune system is still very fragile and all care must be taken to protect them.

The homes and lives of these mommas (and some of them are men) have been taken over by their passion for these puppies; in some cases the dining room table has been put in storage so that more kennels can be brought in or another wire fence exercise pen set up.

LA Baby Mommas also manages a strong network of foster homes who offer safe places for the puppies and bring them to adoption events until they can find forever homes.  There are also folks who volunteer primarily in transport and will drive a puppy countless miles to its new home if need be.

The individuals that I know personally who are associated with this group have the biggest hearts I've ever seen.  Jean, Terri, Patt, Linda want no recognition or accolades for what they do.  They are quiet and humble about their work -- it's all about the puppies.  ALL about the puppies.  But their work can't go unrecognized.  These people spend countless days going to adoption events, caring for puppies, pulling puppies from various bad situations, taking puppies to veterinarian appointments, checking and validating adoption applications, transporting puppies, organizing supplies, fundraising, and managing an online presence.

Dig that cool green dog!
Finding creative ways to raise funds is always a challenge; for example, Jean and Loraine spent hours making ornaments for sale for a donation at the adoption event held today.

As we move toward the end of the year, the Christmas season, and that time when you may be looking for one more place to donate for a charitable tax deduction, why don't you consider TSR LA Baby Momma Rescue?   Every animal they adopt out is spayed or neutered (or comes with a voucher if not yet old enough) and every animal they adopt out is one that has been rescued from almost impossible odds or circumstances.

The work this group does is worthy of recognition (whether they want it or not) in my mind, and I can promise you that they would appreciate your donation, whatever the amount, and use it well.

And if you want one of those cool green dog ornaments, leave a comment here and we can hook you up!

Their Facebook page is here.

Donate here.

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