Sunday, November 20, 2016

Okay Jerry, I Updated my Blog

A picture of Grumpy Cat. Just because.
I was chastised last night for not updating my blog more frequently (I'm looking at YOU, Jerry...) and it's true; it's been too long. I have some really good excuses though.

Excuse number one, and I know you will appreciate this, is that I'm so sick of election blather, political jibberish, and intolerance on both sides that I just could not make myself post anything on the election.  I did try...I posted on early voting, sort of, but really, I just couldn't.

Excuse number two: I have a real job. I've got three preps this semester (one of which I have not taught in fifteen years), and I've been working really hard trying to find strategies to improve the reading level of my kids and to get them EOC ready. (EOC is the state mandated End of Course tests).  My class begins testing on December 7 and I hope that's not an omen.

Excuse number three: I've been finishing my book on Cammie Henry. It is now once again in the hands of my editor. This will be her third read-through. The last one had very few suggestions and edits for me to make, so I'm hopeful that we are getting close to the end of this part of the process. We still have some things to do before publication that include getting maps made and selecting photographs. The index needs to be done. First we have to get the words right so I've been focused on that for several months. I'm SO ready to get Cammie's story out there. Her time has come.

Excuse number four: I've recently undertaken Administrative duties on the new Facebook page for the Shreveport Chapter #237: United Daughters of the Confederacy.  I've had to do a little research on the best way to set that page up, and put together a presentation for our group. The page has now launched and we are dedicated to using the page as a place to educate and share history.  It is non-political and non-controversial, so if you'd like to follow the page, please do! I feel like it is a huge responsibility that they have entrusted me to run this page and I want to do well for them.

Anyway, that's enough excuses as to why I haven't been up to date here as I should be. But add in to that the fact that I have a life outside of the keyboard (sort of) and that I also have a weekly blog post at DaTechGuy, and well, anyway...

We are out this week for Thanksgiving break and I plan on getting rested up for the final three weeks of the semester. I'm making as few plans as possible this week!  Thanksgiving dinner will be simple and small. On Wednesday you can find me at Flying Heart where growler refills are half-price!  We might make a run to Jefferson, Texas one day this week (Jerry, you in?). Other than that, I will be sitting outside on the swing reading a book with a fire in the fire pit and a cat beside me.

And maybe I will do better on updating my blog.


Jayhawk said...

It's YOUR blog. You should post to it whenever you feel like doing so, and should NEVER do so when you don't feel like it. The blog is for YOU.

I check periodically to see if you have anything new on your blog, and enjoy finding that there is a new post. If there is not a new post, for however long that happens, I think nothing of it. I will enjoy reading what you ahve to say, and I'll keep checking in when you are not saying anything. Relax. Live your life. Say "Hi" to us whenever time permits.

Pat Austin Becker said...

Thank you! Jerry is a good friend and I'm teasing him here, although he did remind me to update! Now that this book project is mostly finished I think I'll have more time to post. I've gotten to the point where politics makes me insane and I try to avoid that now unless there is some issue that really fires me up. I have reached the point where I post when it's something I'm interested in rather than the old "I have to get a post up today! ANYTHING!" mentality.

Glad you checked in and have a great Thanksgiving!