Thursday, September 29, 2011

In Less Than 24 Hours...

Less than 24 hours to go!

My costume is ready:

I've rehearsed my Mass lifting skills:

I have my tickets:

Steve has his alpine hat. 

We are READY!

In less than 24 hours we'll be doing the chicken dance:

(no idea where these people are but they look like they're having fun!)

and ohmigod I have to learn the Thriller dance in less than 24 hours!!!!

We'll be eating this:

and singing the Guacamole Song:

If you don't hear from me in the next 24 hours or so, no worries.  I'll be fine.


I will.



Sarah said...

I want video of you and Steve doing the dancing, not these people! ;-) Have fun!

robot said...

Drink one for me, Pat! Cheers!