Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another China Cabinet

The debt debate is driving me to drink.  And to shop.  To escape the madness on our television Steve and I got out yesterday and hit a couple of local antique shops to find trinkets for the new/old medicine cabinet.

We found a couple of things:  an old turpentine bottle with part of the label worn off.  I don't know if it's actually medicinal (I doubt it), but it looks cool in the cabinet so in it went.  We also got a shaving brush and stuck it in there near the Rolls Razor.  It's taking shape.  I was rooting around in the garage and found an old amber medicine bottle with some sort of liquid still in it but there isn't enough of the label left to figure out what it was.  (My grandfather worked for Parke-Davis as a distributor/representative and I find bottles and sample of stuff out there all the time.  Lots of shelves and cubbies for things to hide.)

Anyway, while poking around through Shreveport Trading Company Antiques Steve spotted this Depression era china cabinet.  Steve loved the imperfections and dimples in the glass and I loved the detail work, and since the one we bought earlier this summer is filled, we bought it.  Yes, another china cabinet.

We hauled it home today and I've spent the day moving some things from the other cabinet and putting in things I didn't have room for.  Now I have a little more room to grow and collect! 

I think the detail work on it is cool.  This is on the front on both sides of the center door.

And this is on the top:

I've been busy today cleaning it up (it was in pretty good shape, though) and putting stuff in it.  Blissfully unaware of the debt debate today.  
Tomorrow we're headed to Milly's to pick up the vanity chair that I'm putting in the hall under the fabulous mirror I got last weekend at a garage sale!  I think I'm going to recover the seat but no refinishing on this one.

I'm off to catch up on the news of the day.  Has the country melted down yet? 

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