Saturday, July 9, 2011

Full Metal Jacket Reach Around: The Veggie Orgy Edition

It's 102 here today and we're chillin' inside with the dogs.  We got up this morning and headed down to Coushatta to hit Ed Lester Farms at least once more before the end of the season.  We might get down there one more time; they're estimating about three more weeks before the drought does them in for the year.

We loaded up today: I got some peaches that I might make a cobbler with or might just eat like they are.  I got tomatoes in varying states of ripeness, new potatoes, Honey Sweet corn, a cantaloupe (which Steve only barely deigned to let me put in the car because he hates them so much), an assortment of peppers (in various degrees of heat), a load of yellow squash, butter beans (already shelled!), four cucumbers, a cabbage and some Armistead sweet onions.

For dinner tonight?  Squash casserole, okra and tomatoes, green beans & new potatoes, and corn.  Will probably slice a tomato and a cucumber and if I get energetic, I'll make some cornbread.

Enough about food.  Let's open a beer and check some links.

In a post after my own heart, Troglopundit has advice for Paul Ryan who was criticized by some media for drinking expensive wine.  Oh horrors!  Hell, at least he wasn't dining on wagyu steak and arugula. 

The Lonely Conservative suspects Boehner may cave and make a deal to raise taxes.  I hope he's wrong.

Don Surber with the facts:  Americans want to choose their own light bulbs.  I'm still stocking up.

Donald Douglas at American Power is actually optimistic about the future of the space program; I hope he's right because ceding our space program to Russia just makes me sick.

Instapundit says looking back makes him sad:

People wonder why I haven’t written more about the last Shuttle launch. The truth is that, while the Shuttle is cool in many ways, thinking too much about how it all worked out just makes me sad.
Obi's Sister is sad, too.

The Daley Gator (and Charles Krauthammer) call out David Brooks.

Stacy McCain isn't just invoking Rule 4 in calling Ann Althouse a "rube"; he actually makes a valid point in discussing the 2008 election and owning up to your mistakes!  (Added:  Oh my.  This is now a Memeorandum thread.)

Frugal Cafe Blog marks Derek Jeter's 3000.

Bob Belvedere has a nice roundup to check out.

Legal Insurrection discusses the Fast and Furious scandal.  Jimmie Bise makes the distinction between "Fast and Furious" and "Operation Gunrunner.  Doug Ross reports on Eric Holder's lies to Congress about the whole thing.  Bride of Rove points out that the whole thing was definitely "shovel ready."

Adrienne has found a biblical explanation for right v. left.

Bungalow Bill has a Kate Middleton upskirt photo.

At the Pirate's Cove, apparently Charlie Rangel thinks God wants the debt ceiling raised.

Pundette's Saturday Various & Sundry is a must read.

Ed Driscoll links to the funniest graphic of the week.  Of the year, maybe.

Backyard Conservative wonders if Obama is trying to be like Jimmy Carter.

Conservative Commune highlights Marco Rubio's brilliant comments made on the Senate floor this week.  Bread Upon the Waters has video.

Sister Toldjah calls out the media.

Reaganite Republican posts on how to deal with pirates.

Mind Numbed Robot has a massive round-up.

Paco is ranting about CVS stores in DC, but in truth, we can all relate.

Wyblog gives up on Newark.

Go by and say Happy Birthday to Red.

And finally, check out Sarah's hilarious post on her summer so far.

As for me, my beer is empty and I have fresh blueberry cobbler waiting on me.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Quite Rightly said...

Hey, thanks for the link. Oh, for a Florida garden in upstate New York!

I'm waiting on that global warming thing.

Donald Douglas said...

Fabulous roundup!

Bob Belvedere said...

-I second Professor Douglas's motion!

-Thanks for the linky love, Pat...and for making me hungry.

Red said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes ;-)