Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday's Found Treasures

I hobbled around to a couple of estate sales today; it'll take more than a bum ankle to keep me down!  Actually, today has been one week since I fell off my foot and things are getting better.  The swelling is down and it's time to do some exercises because it stiffens up when you don't move around.  Progress.

The first sale was just heaven. The front of the house had a big bay window with shelves holding glass bottles of all colors.  I knew I'd hit a glass-collector jackpot!  By the time I actually got there, around 11, there was still a lot of pressed glass and cut glass and some gorgeous crystal stemware.   I only bought two pieces of glass there even though there were tons of gorgeous tea cups and porcelain trinket boxes.  I'm just more into the colored glass and art glass right now.

But ohhhhh there were some lovely china cabinets in there!  Since I have filled mine up, I'm on the lookout for another one!  But not today.

I got this early hand blown shot glass...

I say it's "early" because of the thickness of the glass and the rough pontil mark on the bottom. See how thick the base is?   I liked the crackle pattern and the applied clear handle...

It's nice and heavy.  I love the color:

I also picked up this Hazel Atlas "Checkerboard" pattern ashtray:

It's c1930s.  I love the place in the center to hold your matchbook!  Very cool.

In the backyard they had tons of wrought iron pieces:  tables, plant stands, chairs, a gazebo...; I picked up this cute watering can finished out in brass:

The dead flowers in the background are grateful.

At the second sale I bought my first piece of milk glass.  I'm not a big milk glass fan because, for one reason, it just seems to be everywhere.  But, when I picked up this plate it was so heavy it really surprised me.

It's salad plate size.  There's a generous rim on the bottom and there's no mark except for a number "4" on the bottom. 

You can just tell by looking at this one that it's old.  There are a couple of places on the sides where you can see where the "metal" overfilled the mold and when you hold it up to a strong light there's a certain fiery orange at the very edge.   I just had to have it.

There was also a Fostoria "American" salver - a cake stand, that I coveted, but it was more than I wanted to pay.  If it's still there tomorrow afternoon I might pick it up for half price. 

We're headed to Second Hand Rose on Tuesday; can't wait to shop for more treasures at Milly's!


Anonymous said...

Leave it to a Louisianian to call a pint a shot glass.


Pat Austin said...

Well it's only 5" tall! That's a shot! ;)

Anonymous said...