Friday, July 15, 2011

Mr. SIGIS Is Now Retired!

As of today, my husband is retired! 

He has retired after twenty-nine years of law enforcement.  We've been busy today because now I have to take him to estate sales and teach him how to collect my glassware that I will miss out on once I go back to work next month!

Tonight, prime rib at Barksdale Club to celebrate.

I've given him strict orders to do nothing, nothing, for the next few months and decompress.  He's allowed to make notes for his memoirs, to go glass collecting, play with the dogs, and do guy stuff with his friend Larry, but that's about it.   He's also allowed to do laundry, clean house, and to have dinner ready when I get home from work.

Congratulations Steve!  You deserve it!


Steve said...

Thanks Honey, I love you! And I love you MORE everyday!

Instugator said...

Well done and congratulations Steve! Enjoy the next few months.

Randy-g said...

Congrats to him!!! And you too!

Bride Of Rove said...

Oh god I dread the day Dave retires ... put him to work doing something else immediately. One Federal agent I know say's he wants to retire and work in the Driver's License office ... you do not want to know why.

Andy said...

Congratulations, Steve! Bitchin' career!!!

Now, use your retirement years in a productive way. Collect glass!!! It lasts dang near forever, ya' know!

Seriously, job well done. "Decompress" is probably a good idear about now.

sheryl said...

yea steven! happy glass collecting!

p.s. the pic on the blog must be a few years old! ha!

MikeAT said...

You made it to the tiny little pension they promised you....congrats man!

Tina said...

Congratulations Steve! Pat, be careful what you introduce him to - the greatest collectors of vintage American dinnerware and glassware are tough, macho, married men! A whole new world of treasure hunting is out there to be discovered.

Andy said...

Steve, I forgot to mention that you can always "walk the Mall" now that you are a "kept" man.


49erDweet said...

Congratulations to Steve. Pat, savor the memories of these first few glorious days of Mr.
SIGIS being around. Later on they will be precious to recall. /smile/

Donald Douglas said...

Wow. That's big. Congratulations!

ck said...

You're a lucky woman.Any hetro man that will get anywhere near a antiques shop is one in a million.

Jim said...

Congratulations Steve!

Steve (aka Mr. SIGIS) said...

Thanks to all who have wished me well on my retirement.
I am going to do what Mrs. SIGIS tells me and to take some R and R. Since I'm a retired Army reservist I know how to take orders.
CK, thanks for the compliment. LOL!
Mike AT, one reason I stayed in the reserves was to supplement my retirement. It's a shame, but that's the way it is.
Andy, one of my retirement presents from Mrs. SIGIS is a pair of Nike "old fart" walking shoes. Monday, we're going to the local RV dealer and see about getting me set up in one piece jump suits, the ones old fart retirees wear, the ones that come with a belt that really serves on purpose. We're going to get one in each color to wear each day.
Once again everyone, thanks!

Andy said...

I wants me one of them jumpsuits.


I know EXACTLY of what you speak...had lots of retired Great Uncles.

It's standard issue.

Paco said...

Best of luck! Well-earned, I'm sure.

Bob Belvedere said...

Godspeed and much happiness.

If you're looking for proper retirement clothing, may I suggest

Steve said...

Paco and Bob,

Andy, I got it for a retirement job. I've been watching the Swamp People marathon with Pat and think I can be an alligator hunter. Tomorrow I'm going to practice by going out and catch those little green four-inch lizards that live in the bushes around the house. Pat said she'll be my shooter, "CHOOT 'EM!"